Kiara M. Rodriguez Crowned Miss United Continents Puerto Rico 2016

Kiara M. Rodriguez Is Miss United Continents Puerto Rico 2016

Kiara M. Rodriguez was crowned as Miss United Continents Puerto Rico 2016 on May 22, 2016. The coronation was in charge of the National Director Jose Angel and Juan Ortega, Director of Communications / Press Morovis, Puerto Rico.

Miss United Continents Puerto Rico 2016

The delegate received a beautiful proclamation by Heriberto Rodriguez, Mayor of Morovis. In addition, the entertainment was in charge of the singers Louis Cartagena and Roberto Cuadrado. Morovis Dancers School of Performing Arts also had a participation at the ceremony, which was conducted by Sarah Rodriguez – Ego TV.

Kiara is a professional model, she has modeled for Pedro Angel Chanluisant, Diana Rosado, Jose Luis Negron, Carlos harbored, Juan Colon, among others and internationally in France, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, etc. She has been working on social projects since the age of 17. She studied Nursing, Tourism and has also worked in a radio station.

Post her crowning, Kiara M. Rodriguez issued a message on official social media handle:

Last night I have been crowned your new Miss Puerto Rico United Continents 2016. I’ve always dreamed to become a good rol model to follow as a person. My wish and desire has been always to motivate young people with low self esteem and with low economic resources; but never I imagined this dream would turned into a reality this way.

I Thank the Lord for letting me lived so many experiences and for putting in my way so many people who encouraged me. Today I decided to be more genuine, some of them know part of my history and my motivation to achieve great things.

Ever since I was a little girl I used to watch princess movies and I’ve always wanted to be one of them, I’ve dreamed of how to achieve big goals in life and at the same time to help others.

I never imagined that my life was ever described it as of a CINDERELLA, a girl that earn most of her living by cleaning houses in order to finish her studies and to achieve her dreams. 

This is a secret I do not want to hide any more, because I believe this will motivate thousands of young people. There is no dream in life that anyone is unable to achieve.

Never stop dreaming big, every dream in life can be obtained. I dreamed of becoming a Princess, a role model, I dreamed of having a title that could be used to help the needy and dreamed of a prince who would value me as the hard working woman I am.

You know, everything I dreamed of cost me much sacrifice, sorrows and anxieties that often did not understand; I questioned why I had to go through those situations. Every sacrifice has merit, and I understand it now.

God was preparing me for the great things he had in store for me. At the time, many called me Cinderella, and I did not understand why, now I proudly say this Cinderella has a purpose.
I was afraid to tell my story, but now that God granted me every dream I had, Ido not have to be ashamed anymore, because I have a story to tell. A story I hope, many young people get inspired to achieve their very own dream.

Kiara M. Rodriguez
Miss Puerto Rico United Continents 2016″

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss United Continents Puerto Rico 2016, Kiara M. Rodriguez.

Credits: Miss United Continents Official Facebook

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