5 Things WME/IMG Unquestionably Observes in an Aspiring Miss Universe!

What does WME/IMG Looks in a Miss Universe?

Miss Universe was under Donald Trump since 1996 to 2014, until WME and IMG came to hold the world’s most prestigious pageant. While only one edition of Miss Universe has been carried out under WME and IMG, the prototype of Miss Universe winner still remains mysterious. However, there are few observations that hush out subtly that yes, this is what IMG looks for in an aspiring Miss Universe. So let’s delve in!

Flawless Photoshoots

pia modeling.jpg

IMG Worldwide is an international model management firm. IMG Modeling Agency has offices in New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney, so modeling is a must have proficiency. If we look at the reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, who is also the first Miss Universe under WME/ IMG, she is flawless at camera!

Like a chameleon who changes colour as per the environment, Pia transforms herself beautifully from a fiercely hot model to a regal queen within moments. Prior to heading Miss Universe pageant, Pia had done countless photoshoots and she had certainly convinced the organization long ago that she is suited aptly for any brand shoot.

Killer Stage Presence

pia wurtzbach walk.jpg

Apart from the clichéd rampwalk, if we look at the reigning Miss Universe, she definitely slayed the stage with her “smize” as she smiled with her fierce eyes, while walking the runway. Probably, WME/IMG is looking for a unique stage presence, someone who can assert her own style with confidence rather than imitating traditional ramp walk.

A Miss Universe under WME/ IMG must not merely fit in a stereotype of “good walk” but she certainly ought to create a memory when she takes the stage by storm. IMG Models always walk the New York Fashion Week, and when it is Miss Universe who will now walk the coveted runway of the event, she ought to set a benchmark, and this is what Pia Wurtzbach precisely did at New York Fashion Week 2016.

Proficient Spokesperson


Miss Universe is now not merely looking for a plastic beauty, who is manufactured to walk well and look good, but for a woman of substance, someone who while being the spokesperson of the organization sets an example for millions by influencing them through her life and actions. A Miss Universe should preach what she practices, and this is what we saw in Miss Universe 2015.

Everyone watching the Miss Universe 2015 pageant knew that Pia Wurtzbach is going to win when she said “I am Confidently Beautiful with a Heart!” Pia’s answer was not at all supercilious or pageant patty.  While delivering the answer, there were imprints of honesty in her eyes and convincing aura in her smile. A Miss Universe should be different from all the rest and she should speak out her heart! No wonder why Pia Wurtzbach won the crown.

Devotion to Win


Someone who is pompous enough to believe she will win the crown effortlessly is a no no for WME and IMG. No wonder why we saw many front runners clapping on the finale night of Miss Universe 2015. A good attitude towards her fellow contestants and staff along with the dedication to respect and achieve the crown is something which is appreciated at the pageant. The Miss Universe aspirant should understand the responsibility, the Miss Universe crown brings with itself.

Complete Package

Pia-Wurtzbach-Miss-U_2_CNNPH (1).png

Miss Universe under WME/IMG is so much fun! Why? Forget Steve Harvey gaffe, I am talking about Talent Video Tape which was brought in light for the very first time last year! 😉 By now you must have got the hint? A proficiently endowed girl is treasured at the Miss Universe pageant. Pia Wurtzbach is an anchor, a writer, a chef, an actor and of course a beauty queen with a kind heart to motivate and influence million people through her enlightening words. Winning Miss Universe is now not only limited to having a good walk and good face but has also extended its arena to have someone who owns a personality that demands attention!

So if a country is preparing its delegate up to former trends and criteria, it is definitely time to rethink and shun all traditional ideas and start afresh! What do you think?

Vagisha Mishra

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