Kristhielee Caride Might Wear The Sash Of Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2016

Kristhielee Caride May Win The Lawsuit Against Miss Puerto Rico Organization

Post her dethronement as Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Kristhielee Caride, who decided to file  a lawsuit against Miss Puerto Rico Organization worth $3 million (£2.1 million) on April 12, 2016, demanding the return of her crown and the multiple gifts she won after winning Miss Puerto Rico pageant, might finally win the case.

Along with reclaiming the prizes which included a car, plastic surgery and a seven-day cruise, Kristhielle might win the right to represent Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2016, according to Univision.

caride wins lawsuit puerto rico miss universe

According to Kristhielle Caride’s lawyer, Ernie Caban, the Puerto Rican beauty queen could participate in the prestigious beauty contest of Miss Universe 2016, even without being under the organization of Miss Universe Puerto Rico.

A month ago, Kristhielee Caride underwent a massive depression few weeks ago due to all the chaos she experienced after her dethronement. As a result, she was admitted to the psychiatric hospital.

It is now a moment of rejoicing ecstasy for all her fans and of course Kristhielle Caride and her family!

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