12 Make Up Brushes An Aspiring Beauty Queen Must Always Carry With Herself!

Make-Up Brushes That Enhance Your Glow!

There are different kinds of brushes available in the market, and you might even own a sexy set of brushes, but worried how to use it precisely? Not to worry! Here is your mantra! Let’s explore the beautiful brushes, which are responsible for enhancing your beauty in a radiant way within moments.

Foundation Brush


Foundation brush is used to smooth liquid or cream foundation for streak-free application. The foundation brush can also be used for patting up the under eye concealer gently. Apply foundation on the centre of the face and sweep out in the outward direction toward your hairline for a flawless finish.

Beauty Blender


Beauty Blender is the perfect way of keeping your makeup natural and subtle. Make sure that you use the sponge’s broad sides to smooth out product on your face. Use the tip to reach creases around the nose and to pinpoint small areas. The beauty blender can also be used to apply cream blush, blend out harsh makeup lines, and remove excess product. Hence, you must have this beauty in your kitty. Dampen with water and dab gently over foundation for even coverage.

Kabuki Brush


This huge brush is ideal for delicately applying bronzers and powders along with evenly distributing product across your face or body. It also helps in buffing out the harsh lines by swirling the brush around your face. Make sure that you apply the product in the shape of “3” while using the Kabuki brush, which will make your look finely refined.

Powder Brush


The Powder Brush being long and full of fluffy bristles evenly diffuses loose powders. Therefore, do not forget to have the powder brush in the list of must have make up essentials. You can also use the powder blush for sweeping blush from the apples of your cheeks to your cheekbones. While using the powder brush, dust the bristles across your face to evenly diffuse the powder, it will help you attaining a less concentrated color that would not smudge your foundation.

Angled Blush Brush


Angled Blush Brush is specifically designed for enhancing the beauty of cheekbones. The slanted bristles make it easier to apply products perfectly on the cheekbones. The Angled Blush Brush can also be used to apply contour powder below your cheekbones to emphasize your natural contours. Make sure that you swirl the bristles with blush on the apple of the cheeks and then hold it at an angle and glide it along your cheekbones.

Concealer Brush

concealer brush

As the name denotes, concealer brushes are basically used to hide all your blemishes and highlight your beauty in a flawless way. To start with pat the concealer with the help of concealer brush on your under eyes to hide the dark circles. Use the rounded neck of the brush to reach the nooks and corners around your eyes and nose. Concealer brush acts like a magic wand to clean up messy lipstick edges.

All-Over Eye Shadow Brush


Dreams are on when you close your eyelids, and how to enhance the sleeping beauty’s eyelids? All-Over Eye Shadow Brush is the savior! Use an eye shadow brush to uniformly apply powder and cream shadows. This brush is apt for dabbing on shadow under the lower lash line for a smokier eye. Move the brush in a windshield wiper motion for getting an intense colour.

Blending Brush


Blending brush is an important tool to evenly and naturally spread the makeup on your beautiful face. The fluffy bristles diffuse eye shadow in the crease of your eye. The Blending Brush also beautifully blends highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, and Cupid’s bow. Hold the tip of the brush and twirl in circular motions around your eye crease for a soft and blended look.

Smudger Brush


Who would not want sultry smoky eyes for a glam event? Use this to soften eyeliner for a smoky, sultry look. Line your lashes with Kohl Liner, and then gently sweep the brush from side to side over your liner for a sexy smoky eyes look. You can also use the smudger brush to target areas around the eye, such as the inner and outer corners and the brow bone, when applying intense pigment.

Angled Eyeliner Brush


Angeled eyeliner brush effortlessly lines lashes with cream or gel liner or shadow. Dip in cream or gel liner shadow. Hold the brush at an angle so the bristles are flush with your lash line and subsequently drag from the inside corner of your eye along the lash line. You can also use this lovely brush to fill in and define sparse brows with brow powder.

Lash/Brow Comb/Brush


Use this duo to comb, tame, and de-clump your lashes and brows and get a perfectly finished look within moments! You can also take help of this brush to smudge eyeliner gently with the brush bristles. The Comb brush is a savior for shedding out excessive mascara and smoothing messy brows. The major vitality of this brush is to diffuse harshly filled in brow lines.

Fan Brush


Use the cute fan brush and you will be its fan forever! The Fan Brush helps to clean up fallen product or gently apply powders. You may also use this brush to dip the ends in mascara and paint your lashes for a no-makeup look, hide eyelash glue with gel liner, and de-clump eyelashes. Viola! You are done!

So which is your favourite make up brush, without which you will never step out of your home? Do let me know in the comments! 🙂  Happy Weekend Girls!

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