Naveli Deshmukh- “Challenges make us stronger.” (An Exclusive Interview)

An Exclusive Interview with Naweli Deshmukh, Miss Diva Universe 2015 Second Runner Up

Naweli Deshmukh, the name that gleams with intensity and elegance! Naveli started her pageant journey in Femina Miss India 2015 where she was adjudged as a Top 10 finalist. The graceful lady came back with a bang in Miss Diva Universe 2015, where she clinched the second runner up spot along with bagging the subtitle of Miss Talented.

Naveli Deshmukh is a proficient classical dancer and has represented India at International Dance Festival twice. She has received the state youth award by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the government for her contribution towards state in the fields of sports and dance. She is also a national level netball and basketball player and was captain of the state basketball team.


Within few months, Naveli will be passing on her crown to her successor, and will also be representing India at an international pageant. Lately, TKOP got an occasion to interact with the effervescent diva, let’s delve into Naveli’s beliefs and ideas to know her more!

Heartiest congratulations, Naweli for winning the second runner up position at Miss Diva 2016. It’s been a long while since you have won the pageant. How has your life changed after winning the crown?

Thank you so much.  Life has changed in a very positive way. It has given me numerous beautiful experiences for which I am very grateful.

How was your entire experience of Miss Diva 2016 pageant? Any behind the scenes moments you would like to share with your fans?

The entire experience has been very enriching for me. The best time was spent in Kerala where we did our official photoshoot. Behind the scene incidences were extremely funny. Initial days were very hectic hence we couldn’t get enough sleep so whenever we used to get time on the sets we used to automatically switch to sleep mode.  😀

Who was your closest pal at Miss Diva 2016? Are you still in touch with her?

I literally can’t name one. All the girls were really sweet and nice. Yes, I am in touch with all of them. 🙂

There have been speculations that you are soon going to represent India internationally. How are you preparing for the forthcoming nerve wrecking pageant? What are your prime agendas?

Preparations are on in full swing. Prime agenda would be to give my best and showcase our country beautifully in which ever pageant I get to represent India.

Naveli Deshmukh

Who is your ideal beauty queen and how has she inspired you to evolve as a beauty queen?

I feel all the beauty queens whom we have had till now were truly inspiring and unique in their own way. My favorites have been Indrani Rahman, Madhu Sapre, Yasmin Daji, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Diana hayden and the list goes on… 😄

When did you realize that pageants are your cup of tea? Which incident motivated you to join pageantry?

I always believed that I could win the Crown. My belief made me participate in the contest. 🙂

When you will compete at the international stage how would you showcase your country, India?

India is a land where many aspects of society comes from. A place where moral values are still held high inspite of the ever growing westernization. It is a land of vast cultures and religions. India is simply India and nothing can come close to what it can offer to anyone in terms of home, happiness, culture, values, morals, humanity etc. And I will give my best to portray this beautiful land in the best way possible.

India had the bleakest performance at international pageant last year, as India was unable to place at any major pageant in 2015. This was something never seen in the Indian pageant history. How challenging do you think it will be for you along with other Indian delegates to perform well at the respective international pageants?

True but I believe that challenges make us stronger. We shall go in full force and create our space internationally.

Naweli Deshmukh

What message would you like to give to The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and your fans reading this interview?

Thank you, Vagisha and all the other members of this group for keeping the spirit of pageantry alive. Thank you to each one of you for your incredible love and encouragement.  Lots of love to all.  😊

Thank you for the lovely conversation, Naweli. I am sure that India is going to perform incredibly in the pageant where you will be wearing the sash of India. All the very best for the forthcoming pageant.

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