Face of Denmark 2016: Complete Results

Meet The 2016 Beauty Queens From Denmark

Christina Mikkelsen from København (Copenhagen) was crowned Face of Denmark 2016 (Miss Universe Denmark 2016) in Copenhagen on May 14, 201. Christina Mikkelsen succeeds Cecilie Wellemberg and will now represent Denmark at Miss Universe 2016.

Face of Denmark 2016.jpg

During the coronation night of Face of Denmark 2016, Sofie Klejnstrup Nielsen (Christianshavn) was crowned Miss Supranational Denmark, Sara Skals Danielsen (Odense) was titled Miss International Denmark and Alexandria Eissinger (Roskilde) was adjudged as Miss Earth Denmark.

The outgoing Face of Denmark titleholders, Cecilie Wellemberg (Miss Universe Denmark 2015), Turið Elinborgardóttir (Miss Earth Denmark 2015), Mette Riis Sørensen (Miss International Denmark 2015) and Monica Isabella Hartig (Miss United Continents Denmark 2015) passed on their crowns to their successors at the end of the event.

Denmark has never won the Miss Universe crown and came closest to the Miss Universe crown long back in 1963, when Aino Korva was adjudged as the first runner up. Denmark has a moderate placement record at Miss Universe pageant and it placed last in semi-finals in 2007.

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