Lisa Nagashima Is Miss Supranational Japan 2016

Lisa Nagashima from Yamagata Crowned Miss Supranational Japan 2016

Lisa Nagashima from Yamagata was crowned as Miss Supranational Japan 2016 at the Omiya Sonic City in Saitama City on May 6, 2016. She succeeds Mieko Takeuchi, who was a Top 20 finalist in Miss Supranational 2015. Yuki Sonoda from Kagoshima was titled as first runner up and Emiri Shimizu from Gunma was adjudged as second runner up.

Risa Nagashima Japan.jpg

Lisa Nagashima is Mis Supranational Japan 2016


Lisa Nagashima will now represent Japan in the upcoming edition of Miss Supranational. Japan is very few of the handful countries, which organize a separate pageant for Miss Supranational.

Comprising the Top 10 semi-finalists were:

  1. Hiroshima – Aya Izaki
  2. Chiba – Rie Yoshia
  3. Kanagawa – Rina Matsuda
  4. Kumamoto – Yuki Sonoda
  5. Yamagata – Lisa Nagashima
  6. Aichi – Ayaka Sato
  7. Gifu – Yurika Watanabe
  8. Higashi-Tokyo – Emiri Tsukui
  9. Kagoshima – Yuki Sonoda
  10. Gunma – Emiri Shimizu

After the swimsuit and evening gown performances, the list of semi-finalists were further trimmed down to the ultimate Top 5 finalists which included-

  1. Gunma – Emiri Shimizu
  2. Gifu – Yurika Watanabe
  3. Yamagata – Lisa Nagashima
  4. Kanagawa – Rina Matsuda
  5. Kagoshima – Yuki Sonoda

During the coronation night many special awards were also allocated to the contestants, winning which were:

  1. Miss Photogenic -Gunma – Emiri Shimizu
  2. Miss Friendship – Okinawa – Elea Taira
  3. Miss Personality – Okinawa – Elea Taira
  4. Best in Social Media – Kagoshima – Yuki Sonoda
  5. Beautiful Skin– Okinawa – Elea Taira
  6. Best Regional Costume – Chiba – Rie Yoshia
  7. Miss Fitness – Yamagata – Lisa Nagashima
  8. Miss Elegance – Kagoshima – Yuki Sonoda
  9. Top Model Award – Kumamoto – Saki Naganuma

Japan has never won Miss Supranational crown yet. Only two Asian countries Philippines and India have conquered the Miss Supranational crowns through Mutya Datul and Asha Bhat in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Do you think Lisa Nagashima can help Japan win its first Miss Supranational crown?

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