Lipsticks Which an Aspiring Pageant Girl Must Have In Her Make-Up Kit

Episode 2: Let Your Lips Speak For You!

The relation of a woman to her lipstick is like the strings of guitar to a guitarist. A lipstick can transform the entire look of a woman, be it bold or somber, lipsticks can alter the complete feel of the look. So which are those lipsticks, that every woman must have in her makeup kitty let’s have a look!

999 By Christian Dior

999 By Christian Dior

This is Dior’s best-selling lipstick and we obviously know why! The classic red lipstick is a must have for every woman to flaunt her bold, fierce and voguish look. The iconic red lipstick not only enhances the boldness of your beauty but also highlights you as a pretty confident woman.

Schiap By NARS

Schiap By NARS.jpg

Calling pink the color of woman is an old concept, but wearing a pink lipstick at a casual event is not! Named for designer Elsa Schiaparelli, Schiap Lipstick by NARS is one of the brightest pink lipsticks with blue undertones. Maggie Gyllenhaal wore the shade with her Dries Van Noten to the 2010 Oscars. Do you still need a reason to grab it straight away?

Lady Danger By M.A.C


This wonderful amalgamation of chic and bold is my favourite shade out of all. This beautiful shade of Lady Danger by MAC makes you look a fashioniesta if teamed up with proper apparel. A spot on red-orange, this is the archetypal shade constantly seen on the lips of Harper’s Bazaar editor Joanna Hillman.

No. 19 Fuchsia Rouge Pur Couture By YSL

Fuchsia Rouge Pur Couture By YSL


This splendid shade has been a fashion staple since 1979 and is evergreen in demand! Wear it up in a party or in a casual brunch, this breathtaking lipstick will bring out your femininity in an inexplicably radiant way.

No. 52 Rouge Pur Couture By YSL

No. 52 Rouge Pur Couture By YSL

Going out for the shopping spree or a laid-back luncheon and do not want to come across as over dolled up? Not to worry, No. 52 Rouge Pur Couture By YSL is your buddy in need. This extravagantly beautiful shade sold out everywhere worldwide after its appearance on a Korean TV drama. A new cult of fashionable and chic lipstick!

Honolulu Honey By NARS

Honolulu Honey

One of the most famous nude shades of all time, Honolulu Honey By NARS will make you stand out in a way which is flawlessly effortless. Donned by many celebrities at the red carpet of prominent global events, this lipstick will shimmer out your confidence and fierceness in a gleaming manner.

Casablanca By Tom Ford

Casablanca By Tom Ford

Casablanca is Tom Ford’s most commercially successful lipstick shade. Often models going for an eminent glamshot are fond of wearing this lipstick in order to exhibit their inner confidence, poise and audacity. This lipstick is a must wear if you are going to a late night party. This will make your look an awe-striking one!

Fairest Nude By L’Oréal Paris

Fairest Nude By L'Oréal Paris

This is a perfect nude shade lipstick for those with olive complexions. The lovely shade of lipstick will make you look graceful, regal, poised and queenly. A brilliant choice to team up with formal attire, if you are going to a closed door interview or press presentation!

Dare To Bare By Terry

Dare To Bare By By Terry

Terry’s best-selling shade worldwide, this lipstick is a pink-based nude that glides over the lips in a breathtaking way, leaving you appear ravishing like never before. If you are planning to wear a simple and somber dress and avoiding to deck yourself up with accessories, but at the same time worried if your look might be a forgettable one, do not shy away from wearing this gorgeous beauty on your lips.

So which is the first lipstick you are going to grab from the makeup store as soon as possible? Do let me know your opinions in the comment section below. I hereby sign off with a promise to come up with next makeup bonanza next Saturday! See you ladies!

Vagisha Mishra

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