Miss USA 2016: First Leaderboard

Miss USA 2016: First Leaderboard and Initial Impressions!

Miss USA 2016 is scheduled to take place on 5th June 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. World’s biggest national pageant is knocking the door of the hearts of pageant aficionados. People all across the globe are waiting with bated breath to witness who will wear the sash of USA at Miss Universe 2016! With only a month left for the crowning of next Miss USA, let’s have a glance to The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry’s First Leaderboard!

Virginia- Desiree Williams

miss virginia

Virginia- Desiree Williams

Desiree Wiliams, Miss Virginia USA 2016 is a force to reckon with in this edition of Miss USA 2016. A proficient motivational speaker, Desiree Williams is not merely an exotic beauty but is also an eloquent spokeswoman. If she is crowned as Miss USA 2016, she will set a benchmark in the coming edition of Miss Universe 2016 persuasively through her eloquence, grace and positivity. I can see Virginia winning its third Miss USA crown after 46 years, as of now!

California- Nadia Mejia

nadia mejia california.jpg

California- Nadia Mejia

Nadia Mejia is holding the sash of the state, which stands at second rank in producing Miss USA winners. Nadia Mejía is one of the most beautiful contestants this year. With the eyes that speaks like ocean, and finely carved facial features, she certainly has an eye-catching personality. She oozes confidence, oomph and fire! Having a pageant perfect body, she is nailing her presence already!

Texas- Daniella Rodriguez


Texas- Daniella Rodriguez

It would not be surprising if Daniella Rodriguez adorns Texas with its tenth victory at Miss USA. Pageant is not a new venture for Daniella and she has already represented Texas at Miss Teen USA 2013 in the Bahamas. With those striking features and sash that demands attention, she will nail it all!

North Carolina- Allie Dunn

Allie Dunn Miss North Carolina USA 2016

Allie Dunn has been a professional model for 3 years. She has appeared on the cover of widely read editorials like Southern Weddings Magazine and Charlotte Wedding Magazine, along with being on Goody Hair packaging. She is linked to prestigious modeling assignments under major brands like Faviana, Terani Couture, Belk, Burt’s Bees and many more. She is the face of the pageant and is definitely leading on the right path.

Nevada- Emelina Adams


Emelina Adams- Nevada

Nevada with Emelina Adams is back with a bang! Apart from being fiercely sexy and wonderfully gorgeous, Emelina Adams is quite an intellectual personality. She has appeared in campaigns for Jovani and walked the runway of many prominent fashion weeks for plentiful renowned designers. Being the host contestant, she is definitely going to earn an upperhand.

Pennsylvania- Elena LaQuatra


Elena Laquatra- Pennsylvania

Formerly, Elena LaQuatra was crowned as Miss Pennsylvania Outstanding Teen 2007 and represented the state at Miss America Outstanding Teen 2007 where she won the second runner-up title. She is poised, graceful and has the face that screams indisputable charm!

Indiana- Morgan Abel


Morgan Abel- Indiana

Morgan Abel has got a gorgeous face and a lovely corporeal frame. She is also incredibly photogenic and shimmers with confidence on the camera lenses. Indiana is yet to win its first Miss USA crown, hence it would be interesting to see how Morgan traverses on the road to Miss USA 2016 crown post her arrival. As of now, she is certainly a notice clincher.

Minnesota- Bridget Jacobs


Bridget Jacobs- Minnesota

That fierceness and confidence screams out loud, that Minnesota is all set to make its presence felt tumultuously! Bridget Jacobs has got a fine facial beauty which will surely bring her in spotlight as she will arrive in Las Vegas!

New Jersey- Jessielyn Palumbo

New Jersey

Jessielyn Palumbo- New Jersey

Jessielyn Palumbo can be New Jersey’s hope of attaining first Miss USA crown or to reach Top 5 spot again after 2008. Palumbo is a published photographer, specializing in pageant, beauty, and fashion photography, hence she is totally a perfect choice of New Jersey to pave the way to success!

Vermont- Neely Fortune


Neely Fortune- Vermont

Neely Fortune is a charming persona with vibrant appeal.  Since 1982 Vermont has not placed at Miss USA, but it seems the long drought will end soon through Neely Fortune’s placement. Vermont won its first and last Miss USA crown in 1955 and since then the wait is on! However, the enchanting beauty of Miss Vermont USA 2016 can break the curse.

Completing the semi-finals might be:


New York




Who do you think will succeed Olivia Jordan from Oklahoma as next Miss USA? Who will represent United States of America at Miss Universe 2016? Keep your opinions coming at the People’s Choice Poll of Miss USA 2016 here!

Meet The Contestants of Miss USA 2016 Here

14 thoughts on “Miss USA 2016: First Leaderboard

  1. Miss Hawaii, Chelsea Hardin, is a strong contender. She is absolutely stunning, well traveled, an award winning athlete. Best of all, she is HUMBLE and approachable. My vote is on her!


    • I agree completely! Who is making this list anyways? Miss Tennessee is stunning. Honestly, the majority of these girls are iimpressive. I am not sure how they (whomever it may be) are narrowing it down to this list at this point. I feel confident that Miss Tennessee will be in the top 10.


  2. You guys are missing the Boat here! Simply put, Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii is conspicuously missing from this list. Don’t know where you are getting these photos of her. There are plenty others that will rock your world.


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  6. I’m so proud of Nadia Meija for winning miss California. I grew up with her mother, Kathr Eicher, in Ironton, Ohio, 3 houses away. She was always hiding in the house & in our marching band. Once she started growing taller, & going to college in WV, & working as a receptionist @ my friends hair salon, I knew she’d make it to miss USA. She barely missed the top 12 & then met Gerardo (Rico suave,) where Kathy was a winner for the USA @ the international level of miss Hawaiian tropic,where she met Gerardo!!!
    Nadia’s parents are beautiful & I was so geeked out finding out Nadia was following mothers footsteps in pageantry.
    Successful in placement of California teen USA, took many years, but I’m shocked she qualified & then won miss California USA @
    19-20 years young. California is a very hard pageant to win with over 200 contestants, but Her parents bloodline of Lebanese & Ecuadorian is just mesmerizing.
    It was so fun to watch the Meija family on vh1’s reality show @suave says” & see how beautiful their children are & how lovely & strong Kathy is as a mother figure!
    I think she will do well & coukd win with the right clothing choices & stage presence. Her personality & extremely youthful look may just be what miss USA needs. Remember, Olivia Culpo was just 20 when she shocked the world!
    I’m in Florida, & what’s interesting is miss Florida, Brie Gabrielle, I’ve seen compete several times @ Flirida USA & FINALLY WINNING. Skipped the Florida pageant after her first try & was first runner up, to move to California with a modeling contract & she qualified for miss California USA while worjking there & placed second runner up on her only try. The repeat girls were like :”who is Brie Gabrielle” & how did she almost win.
    So, I will be rooting for Nadia & her great personality, extreme beauty, & wonderful tone of voice while being interviewed, to take the crown. I really think her look is a complete departure from what we’ve been seeing in the pageant world. Long hair with noticeable tracts of hair EVERYWHERE, long in the back with that noticeable “bump” top center, & long, lose, flowing, sides in the front. Nadia got creative and sports that layered shorter hair around shoulder length, that I hope she wears & doesn’t tract out!

    BRIE GABRIELLE from Florida. She is & the top of her game & looks absolutely like she’s ready for any front cover of a magazine. Her gorgeous blue/green eyes that amazingly seem change colors based on what she’s
    wearing & turquoise is her color.
    I look for California, Florida, Hawaii, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Oklahoma, & finding # winner from Oklahoma also to fight for the crown!!!!

    Good Luck Nadia!!! I hope you win it all. The tri-state would be so proud!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Are we supposed to vote just on looks? I don’t like the way they are made to look like sex objects. Where are the natural smiles?


  8. You can’t overlook Miss Louisiana! She most definitely should be in the top! I’m more than sure she has a chance to win this thing!


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