Miss Universe Canada 2016: Meet The Contestants

Miss Universe Canada 2016: Meet The Finalists

Miss Universe Canada 2016 is scheduled to take place on June 11, 2016 at The Bluma Appel Theatre – St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Canada. Paola Nunez Valdez, Miss Universe Canada 2015 from Toronto will be crowning her successor at the end of the pageant.

This year 35 candidates are vying to win the coveted right to represent Canada at Miss Universe 2016. Meet the shortlisted finalists of Miss Universe Canada 2016-

Canada has two Miss Universe crowns through Karen Dianne Baldwin, Miss Universe 1982 and Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005. Canada last placed at Miss Universe through Alice Panikian in 2006 and was adjudged as a Top 10 finalist. Since 9 years, Canada is running into a dry spell of placement.

Who do you think will walk home with the prestigious title of Miss Universe Canada 2016?

Latest Update: Siera Bearchell is Miss Universe Canada 2016

Meet The Miss Universe 2016 Contestants Here

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