8 Must Have Pageant Apparels To Bring You in Spotlight

Episode 1: Dress Like A Queen and Dazzle Like a Star! 

Making a good impression is always important in a pageant and the initial impression branches off from how you are dressed at the pageant! When you look presentable and confident, people are bound to give you attention. Dressing well also indicates that you are decorous enough to meet people in grace, and if you are vying to be a beauty queen, elegance is your sword in the battle!

Dress to express yourself! Dress to flaunt that the dress you are donning is exclusively designed for you and no one can do justice to the attire other than you. So what are those apparels, which you must have in your kitty if you are planning to go for a pageant? Let’s find out!

The Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress by Sherri Hill

Irrespective of whether you are a pageant girl or not, a little black dress is a must have for your wardrobe! Black, the symbol of boldness and fierceness reflects the positivity and confidence in you effortlessly. The black dress can be worn at any occasion! Dress it up with heels and glistening jewellery for evening parties or match it up with funky flats and a matching sun hat for an afternoon luncheon. You are good to go! One is never overdressed or under-dressed in the little black dress.

Tea Length Party Dress

4 Long Sleeves Tea Length Party Dress

Elie Saab Tea Length Dress

A Tea Length Party Dress highlights the femininity in a woman. The hemline of this very regal dress falls between the top of the ankle and the middle of the calf, making you look royal and majestic! The perks of having a tea length dress lie in the fact that it looks vintage yet chic, highlighting the grandeur of womanhood.

The Graceful Resort Wear

Resort Wear

Zuhair Murad Resort Wear

Having a funky yet efficient resort wear is a must have! Dress up in your resort wear to showcase the charisma in an effortless way. Walk like a lady and feel like a queen. A resort wear highlights your spontaneous personality, and that’s what makes it a must have wardrobe essentials!

The Classy Prom Dress

sherri hill skirt

Sherri Hill Prom Dress Floral

Never forget to keep an elegant prom dress in your lookbook! A classy prom dress helps you to create an unforgettable impression, so what are you waiting for! Be prepared to walk like a queen in the prom night.

Settle on your look for the Charity Event

elie saab charity

Elie Saab Dress

If you are planning on to head to a philanthropic pageant where charity meetings or presentation are the integral parts, do not forget to keep a royal, grand yet very supple and somber dress. The plainness of your dress must highlight your soberness but at the same time, it must not be too mild to make you look forgettable. Try to keep your hair in bun to make your look queenly. If you are wishing to wear a traditional outfit, charity gala can be the right event. But again, avoid over dressing or under dressing!

Jumpsuits Are In!

elie saab jumpsuit

Elie Saab Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits just make you stand out in a way that is entirely effortless. Jumpsuits are these days a fashion staple! They’re the perfect amalgamation of chic and comfort and perfect for the summer. Go for a minimal vibe while donning a jumpsuit. Keep your make-up and accessories to a bare minimum. Jumpsuits can be worn at a brunch without much hesitation or to any casual event with style! Opt for the jumpsuit which defines you! Try a cut-out jumpsuit or a short romper paired with comfy flats. Be fashionable, be yourself!

The Somber Interview Look


Wearing the right interview outfit will not guarantee you the crown but being confident in your skin and attire will surely help you fetch the attention of the jury. The first thing to remember is chose a comfy dress! If you’re prone to sweat marks or blushing, choose a dark color. If black is your comfort blanket, don’t shy away from wearing it, but add a splash of color or a print to stop you blending in with other contestants. A printed silk blouse under a classic black jacket is a great interview outfit. Please avoid wearing a black dress under a black jacket teamed with black shoes. Always start your interview with a big smile as you greet your interviewer, no matter how nervous you feel. When your interviewer glances up and down at you as you arrive, their gaze will finish on your shoes. A closed-toe mid-heel is the safest option, and while it’s best to avoid fluoro-brights, a print or pastel style can add a brighter touch to your outfit.

The Queenly Evening Gown

mac duggal

Mac’ Duggal Evening Gown

Do not compromise with your comfort while selecting an evening gown. Make sure that you chose a dress which can help you feel confident. Besides being a traditional style statement for the grand finale night, you can try the evening gown look at the formal soirée or for the gala night on a cruise. Always remember to choose an empire waist if you are quite curvy or a fitted style it you have a lean body.

So next time when you plan to head to pageant, do not forget to have these essentials beauties in your wardrobe! Also, do not forget to share your opinions or suggestions with us in the comment section below. Till next Sunday, I say goodbye to all my pretty ladies, promising to come up with yet again fashion fiesta next weekend.

Vagisha Mishra

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