An Exclusive Interview with Chum Darang- Miss Earth India 2016 Finalist

A Glance Into Chum Darang’s Veiled Persona

Born in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, Chum Darang was a huge tomboy growing up. I came in touch with Chum last year after Miss Diva auditions, and she seemed to be a very warm and affable personality in the first glance itself! It has been a year, but Chum seems to be evolving more queenly and regal with every passing day.

Chum has now set her eyes on Miss Earth India 2016 crown and she is not leaving a single stone unturned as she is traversing on the trail to Miss Earth India 2016. In an interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Chum has unfolded many fascinating aspects of her life, let’s have a look!

chum darang miss india

Heartiest congratulations, Chum for making it to the finalists of Miss Earth India 2016. Tell us something about your veiled personality.

Thank you so much, Vagisha for giving me a chance to open up with my thoughts 🙂

People often judge others by their appearance, same with me, sadly, I appear to be of ‘reserved’ type, but no, I am nothing like that, in fact, I gel along with almost everyone and in every situation, one thing which I am happy about, ‘congenial’ would define me best, along with being optimistic, and upfront straight

You are not new to pageantry and have already marked your eminent presence in several pageants. What were the things you learnt during the course of the pageant journey?

Pageants taught me to face the crowd with a smile on my face, boosted my confidence, given me chance to voice my opinion and most importantly, taught me that winning every time is not the fruition but acquiring contentment is. Pageants have been a voyage of self-discovery for me.

How are you preparing yourself for Miss Earth India 2016 journey? What are your major agendas?

It is not easy being a beauty queen. There are certain pros & cons for us, where we have to refuse the irrefutable. Well, my agenda though is quite simple: Workout, eat healthy, enough sleep, be happy and repeat!

How are you gearing yourself up for the environmental programs introduced under Miss Earth pageant?

The involvement with the activities till now has been quite successful I’d say. And I am trying to enlighten myself on issues related to nature & the causes behind its depletion and the measure to check them of course. I read related articles, stick to the Internet to keep my knowledge vast, it’s pretty interesting & saddening at the same time.

chum darang is india

How confident are you about winning the Miss Earth India 2016 crown?

Confidence in me is in abundance but patently, it needs a blend of further caliber to be a stark, which I am working upon. Bottom line being; yes, I am confident about winning the coveted title, Miss Earth India 2016.

North East is on fire this year! Many North-Eastern beauties have won other national pageants this year around, and others are doing incredibly well in the arena of modeling. How proud as a North Eastern, do you feel? What are few changes you would want to see in the coming days for North East?

There’s no doubt in declaring that yes, I am one proud North-East Indian. I think North-East India is pacing along quite well with rest of the country, so good changes are obvious, I just want my fellow North-East Indians to think out of the box, which will be enough.

India has variety of pageants like Femina Miss India, Miss Diva Universe and Indian Princess. But what were the prime motives of choosing Miss Earth India pageant over others?

This is not just a pageant; this is a maneuver for a genesis which is linked with sustainability of our environment. Earth is our only home which is in grave danger, we need to contribute a little to save her, and I chose Miss Earth India 2016 because I count my presence in this pageant as a little contribution from my side which will continue “Journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step”.

Which Miss Earth has motivated your drive to participate in Miss Earth India pageant?

Taking just one name I think would be unjust, I appreciate all of them equally and they’ve all been my inspiration and will always be.

chum darang north east

If given a chance to represent India at Miss Earth 2016, how would you reflect the beauty of India at the international arena?

India is known for its unity in diversity, there are numerous things to show to the world, but I would choose the beauty of nature, the alluring landscapes, the tall mountains, the Mighty Himalayas, the Holy Ganges, rich flora and fauna (this way a sense of preservation will prevail among our people).

Who is your ideal beauty queen and how has she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

My ideal beauty queen would be none other than my Mother and I would like to add an extra (sorry) which is “my ideal King”, my Dad, they are my pillars of strength, the ones who’ve pushed me this far, crucial times were there where they had to sacrifice a lot for me, my parents my Heroes, because of them I am what I am today. 🙂

What incident in your life made you realize about your passion in pageantry? Who assured you that beauty pageants are totally your cup of tea?

I grew up watching pageants, every night (Indian timings) I still remember, but at that time I never thought I would come this far, and you must know that I was a hardcore tomboy, people who know me from before are left amazed hahahah😂, I swear I was one hideous person. My friends and family played a major major role in making me realize my passion.

What message would you like to give to The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and your fans reading this interview?

Thank you, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry for giving me this opportunity where I could alter my thoughts into words. And to my fans out there, heartfelt regards for your tremendous love and support, please keep loving me the same as well as Mother Earth.

Chum Darang

That was a really overwhelming conversation, Chum! It’s been a year since I have seen you evolve and enhance with every passing time, and your witty mind screams out loud that yes, you are here to make your presence felt tumultuously.  More glory and power to you! Best wishes for the forthcoming journey of Miss Earth India 2016.

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