You Haven’t Seen How Deadly Aces & Queens Are Unless You Watched Bb Pilipinas 2016

Aces & Queens- The Deadly Show Stealer

Today there are countless pageant coaching camps and grooming sessions in the world, but there is one pageant camp which is known to every nook and corner, Aces & Queens! While few of the national pageants become worldwide popular and talked about, Aces & Queens is perhaps the only pageant camp to have been treasured and appreciated across the globe.

Binibining Pilipinas 2016 concluded with all glory, with an extraordinary farewell to the reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach as Miss Universe Philippines 2015, making Maxine Medina the new face of Philippines at Miss Universe pageant. However, the show stealers of the grand coronation gala of Bb Pilipinas 2016 were purely and exclusively Aces & Queens! How? Let’s find out!

Aces & Queens.jpeg

This year, Aces & Queens broke all the records at Binibining Pilipinas. The pageant camp which has adorned Philippines with the most coveted crowns of Miss World and Miss Universe very lately, established yet again, that they are paramount source of inspiration and unsurpassable feat!

This was crystal clear when the Top 15 semi-finalists of Binibining Pilipinas were announced. Aces & Queens had an applaudable accomplishment that night for it had not merely produced 13 semi-finalists at Bb Pilipinas 2016 out of their training camp, but had also fabricated four international representatives of Philippines at the very same event. Now that is called, Achievement!

Out of six Binibining Pilipinas winners, four beauty queens were trained under Aces & Queens including the main winner, Maxine Medina (Miss Universe Philippines 2016) along with Nicole Cordoves (Miss Grand Philippines 2016), Kylie Verzosa (Miss International Philippines 2016) and Jennifer Hammond (Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2016). Even both the runner ups, Angelica Alita and Jehza Huelar belonged to the magnanimous camp of Aces & Queens. No wonder why we say, Aces & Queens knows the winning formulae!

Kimberle Penchon, Vina Openiano, Apriel Smith, Dindi Pajares, Edjelyn Gamboa, Roshiela Tobias and Riana Pangindian, who were amongst the semi-finalists of the nerve wrecking pageant of Bb Pilipinas 2016 also made the already majestic Aces & Queens camp even more lustrous.

While Philippines is climbing the ladder of success with magnum opus queens like Pia Wurtzbach and Megan Young, it would not have been possible without Jonas Gaffud unquestionably! Aside from being President and Manager of Mercator Artist and Model Management, he also heads Aces and Queens, an informal group of professionals who scout and train girls for beauty pageants free of cost. The idea which defines true dedication and passion.

Gaffud and Pia Wurtzbach.jpg

Jonas Gaffud with Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

After gifting Philippines with the first Miss World crown after 62 years and third Miss Universe crown after 42 years, Jonas Gaffud has not settled down from sailing his boat in the marine of beauty further. In fact, he is still working consistently over the fresh buds, carving their inner beauty and strength to be later addressed as “Philippines” in an international stage.

Aces & Queens scouted and trained Venus Raj (fourth runner-up, Miss Universe 2010), Shamcey Supsup (third runner-up, Miss Universe 2011), Gwen Ruais (first runner-up, Miss World), Janine Tugonon (first runner-up, Miss Universe 2012), Ariella Arida (third runner-up, Miss Universe 2014), Megan Young (Miss World 2013) and, certainly, Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015).


Janine Tugonon, Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj with Jonas Gaffud

The Aces & Queens contestants go to the gym three times a week, where the team members of the camp train the gorgeous ladies for the Question and Answer Round every week, and Jonas Gaffud personally trains the ladies to walk twice a week. No wonder Philippines has not just claimed but asserted its powerhouse status in pageantry in last few years in the most astonishing way.

Jonas Gaffud has put Philippines on the beauty pageant map, by running a free training camp that helps young and beautiful women who believe in their worth to make their nation proud! Philippines experienced a long drought before Venus Raj made to top five finalist of Miss Universe 2010. Since 1999, there had been not a single semi-finalist at Miss Universe till 2010, until Aces & Queens came to rescue! As they say, for every fruit there is a season, and for every action there is a reason.

Apart from Jonas Gaffud, Arnold Mercado and Mark Besana, also work in the Aces & Queens as key members. Nad Bronce who is a lawyer by profession, trains the girls to answer questions for interview rounds and final question and answer rounds. While Carlos Buendia, who is an architect by profession, trains the girls to dance and move on stage. Albert Kurniawan, a makeup artist by profession, teaches the girls as to how to keep up their facial expressions on stage. Hohn Cuay, who is Gold Gym fitness professional, takes care of the ladies’ fitness and diet.

Jonas Gaffud Miss World 2013.jpeg

Jonas Gaffud at Miss World 2013 throne after gifting Philippines with first Miss World crown through Megan Young

When all the passionate people come together at the same platform, wonders are bound to happen. Apart from the beautiful results, Aces & Queens is producing, the pageant camp is truly a genuine inspiration to all the true pageant enthusiasts, making them realize that the people who have a real eye for the beauty can do miracles if given the chance.

Someday if I happen to visit Philippines, meeting the team of Aces and Queens will truly be my first desire in the wish list! To the inspirational men behind the massive success of Philippines, Cheers!  Long lives the motivation which guides the world!

Vagisha Mishra

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  1. Thanks Aces & Queens. Bless your hearts for your generosity to the beauty candidates. I’m very proud for your fruits of labor that brought pride to our beloved Philippines for Megan Young & Pia Wurtzbach.God bless you!


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