5 Amazing Reasons Why Pia Wurtzbach’s Farewell at Bb Pilipinas 2016 Became Historic

The Historic Farewell of Queen P! 

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s farewell walk melted million hearts across the globe yesterday, when she bid adieu to the Miss Universe Philippines 2015 title with grace and humility at Bb Pilipinas 2016 grand finale. But her farewell walk will always be remembered as most iconic one! Why? Let’s find out!

BBP Finale

1. Pia Wurtzbach is Reigning as the Miss Universe

Pia Wurtzbach ...


Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach brought glory to her nation in most notable way as possible! The country which was unable to clinch Miss Universe crown since 42 years had world’s most prestigious title after a lot of craving. Do we need a bigger reason to know why Pia Wurtzbach is the living goddess in Philippines? She is now the queen of universe and is under the glance of whole world as a celebrity! She is the living symbol of perseverance and resilience, what more could one ask for when the queen is under the same roof where she began her grand journey!

2. Pia Wurtzbach was Dressed as Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Pia Wurtzbach Farewell 3

Pia Wurtzbach made her farewell walk even more special when she walked the coronation venue like a queen in an Albert Andrada evening gown! Styled by Gery Penaso, Pia Wurtzbach’s look for the event was the most talked thing in the entire pageant of Bb Pilipinas 2016. She seemed like a fairy who branched off from heaven in her ethereal and celestial beauty. She looked absolutely effervescent and lustrous!

3. Olivia Jordan Cheering For Queen P During Her Speech

Pia and Olivia

When you have a best friend cheering for you in the crowd, the memory become even more special! The reigning Miss USA Olivia Jordan, who especially flew from New York to attend the coronation night of Bb Pilipinas 2016 was awestruck at Pia Wurtzbach’s farewell speech and even gave a standing ovation to Pia Wurtzbach as she took her farewell walk.

4. Pia Wurtzbach’s Reunion with her Miss Universe Roomies

Pia Wurtzbach Miss Universe Friends

Miss Universe Malaysia 2015, Vanessa Tevi Kumares and Miss Universe Myanmar 2015, May Thaw graced the grand coronation gala of Bb. Pilipinas 2016 just to witness Pia Wurtzbach’s farewell as Miss Universe Philippines 2015. Pia Wurtzbach made wonderfully genuine friends in the course of her Miss Universe journey, which highlights that she is inside out beautiful, or rather we should say, “Confidently Beautiful with a Heart.”

5. Pia Wurtzbach’s Farewell Speech

Pia Wurtzbach 2

Pia Wurtzbach’s farewell speech at Bb Pilipinas 2016 moved million hearts to tears as the Miss Universe unfolded the challenges she faced while walking the voyage of Miss Universe crown. Pia Wurtzbach inspired and melted million hearts yesterday, when she stated:

“In the years that I have appeared on this very same stage, my biggest realization is that you should never give up on your dreams. We should never waver in our perseverance and never let obstacles hinder our progress. A dream is a picture of a possibility and we should have a strong heart and a prepared mind to turn that into reality. To my successor, just remember to give your best. Behind that beautiful gown, your knees may be trembling like me right now. I’m still not used to it. And, being in front of millions of people is nerve-wracking but you have to remember that you are proudly wearing that sash that says ‘Philippines’. And believe me, in your moments of doubt, you just have to remember that you have the whole country cheering you on. Tonight, I feel like I’m graduating from Binibini. Tonight is the beginning of the journey for a confidently beautiful Filipina. Mabuhay ang gandang Filipina. Mabuhay ang Filipina. Mabuhay tayong lahat.”

Pia Wurtzbach, the proudly Filipina beauty queen is certainly the candle which guides million passionate hearts. To her farewell! Cheers! This is how a beauty queen should be! “Confidently beautiful with a Heart.”

Vagisha Mishra

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