Bb Pilipinas 2016- Final Question and Answer Round and The Witty Responses!

Bb Pilipinas 2016- Insight To Intellectual Minds of Candidates in Final Question and Answer Round

Bb. Pilipinas 2016 is one of the most anticipated and worldwide observed national pageant. After Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s remarkable win at Miss Universe 2015, the competition this year, reached to the higher bars! Hence, the objective of BPCI was to find a girl who is “Confidently Beautiful with a Heart” just like the reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach.

Hence, the venerable jury members asked interesting yet stimulating questions from the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 candidates, so let’s go in a flashback and have a look at the final question and answer round of Bb Pilipinas 2016 (Binibining Pilipinas 2016).

Maxine Medina Final Round

The gorgeous Maxine Medina, who eventually settled with the most integral crown of Miss Universe Philippines certainly had a winning answer, when she was inquired, “Even if her parents want to send her to school, a 15-year-old girl wants to stop her studies, what would be your advice to her?”. The oriental beauty, Maxine Medina answered with poise:  “I would tell the girl to study hard, no matter what their parents would tell them. Because having an education is something that… something that… cannot have that anybody else. Education can make you an even better person. Thank you.”

Later, the heavy favourite of the Binibining Pilipinas 2016 pageant, Kylie Verzosa, who later won Miss International Philipines title, was asked by the reigning Miss USA, Olivia Jordan, “Why do you deserve to win a Bb. Pilipinas crown tonight?”, to which she smilingly answered, “The person who deserves to win Binibining Pilipinas crown tonight is the person who has worked hard for it and is willing to do everything to continue the legacy of the Philippines. She is confident with an attitude and has a personality and I believe I am her.”

Kylie Verzosa Final

Thereafter, Roshiela Navarro Tobias was invited to answer the final question and answer round. Roshiela was asked, “Will you compromise your integrity and personal values just to win a crown?” Roshiela Navarro Tobias answered, “I won’t because I believe what I stand for… for I will do my best and what is right. I believe God sees whatever we do.”

Subsequently, Ronald Van Remoortele picked up Jennifer Ruth Hammond, who won Miss Intercontinental Philippinesand asked her “Winning of the crowns tonight will make you the country’s Ambassador of Goodwill. What international problem or issue would you focus of and how will you address the problem?” Jennifer Hammond confidently yet naturally answered, “ I will focus on terrorism because I think that is one of the major problems of the world right now and I will encourage people to fight for their beliefs by kind words, by communication because I think communication begets understanding and understanding begets tolerance and tolerance begets peace.”

Jennifer Hammond Final

Next, Ian Veneracion inquired Apriel Smith, “Women use make-up to enhance facial features, do you think it’s appropriate for men to do the same?” To which Apriel beamingly reflected, “For me, I think it’s not because if you do believe in your physical attribute is beautiful, you wouldn’t do put on any make-up on your face. And if any woman would accept who you are and as you are, this includes the strength and weaknesses of a man to learn and to grow more.

Following next was  Jan Top Christense, who asked  Joanna Eden, who later won Miss Supranational Philippines 2016, “If you are to choose between having a multi-million business or a crown, what would you choose and why?” Joanna Eden beautifully replied, “I would choose to have the crown because with the crown comes not the responsibility but the ability to inspire other people. And I really think if we start with each individual, we can help better the world.”

Later, Olivia Jordan Thomas questioned Riana Pangindian, “If you have the chance to ask our own Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach on question, what that question would be?”  Riana Pangindian answered, “I would ask our Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, how does it feel to compete in Miss Universe? Because I would like to get some advice from her. And more than that, I would like to ask about her advocacy and how she is confidentially beautifully with a heart and bring pride and honor to our country?”

Thereafter, Cory Vidanes posed a question to Kimberle Penchon,What kind of leaders do Filipinos needs today?” To which she replied, “The kind of leader the Filipinos needs today is a parental leader. Someone is parent enough, someone who simplifies with the people, someone who encourage them to go forward and approach their goals.”

Next, Adrian Cristobal Jr inquired Angelica Alita, “What do you think is the most undervalued profession right now? And why?” Angelica answered, “I would say the most undervalued profession right now is being a teacher. Because I believe that the teachers have very a big impact in the students right now. Like they teach us every single thing we have to know, whether it comes to social issues to physical thing we have to fix but they haven’t been appreciated much.”

Subsequently, Adrian Cristobal Jr. asked Nicole Cordoves, who eventually won the Miss Grand Philippines title, “If you could switch bodies with somebody for one day, who would it be and why?” She answered, “If I could switch body with somebody for one day, it would probably be our kind president because I would like to know how he handled every decision he ever made. It must have been so hard even though it is sometimes unpopular. I would like to know how he brought the Philippines from being the sick man of Asia to the bright spot of Asia. I would like to know how he thinks, how we get advice from our president.”

Next, Igor Anatolyevich Khovaev inquired Jehza Huelar, “How will you encourage a Filipino citizen who is feeling hopeless to cast his or her vote?” She replied, “I would encourage a person who is hopeless by changing his mindset. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changed.”

Later, Lani Bernardo, inquired Nichole Manalo, “What is the biggest challenge a Filipina like you faces?” to which she answered, “For me, the toughest challenge the Filipina woman today faces is to be courageous, determined, and resilient. But what I would advise to her is to continue to have the quality because when you have that quality you can always stand for what you believe in to make things happen and you can transform not just yourself but the society.”

Thereafter, Direk Lauren Dyogi posed a question “What is your message to the next president?” to Dindi Pajares, which she gracefully answered in following words, “My message for the next president is to be a person of being competent, a person who is transparent, and he or she should be someone with the desire to serve the people. I will tell him to have a heart of a hero and to fight for the sovereign dignity of our country.”

Following up was Paolo Roxas, who asked Edjelyn GamboaOne of Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach’s advocacies is to stop cyber bullying. How will you help her with this advocacy?” She reflected, “If I win Binibining Pilipinas tonight, of course I will have the crown and having a crown is influential and I will use my convincing aura of beauty to influence especially the youth that they shouldn’t let anyone make feel inferior. That is all thank you.”

Next Vina Openiano was inquired by Ian Veneracion, “If men and women are equal, why men are ought to give their seats to women in public transports.” She replied, “I think because they are gentlemen and being a man, they should be gentle to each woman. And I believe we are all connected, what you do can help up and what we do can help everyone.”

Which answered touched you the most? Do share your opinions!

Click here for the Complete Results of Bb Pilipinas 2016.

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