Yana Dobrovolskaya is Miss Russia 2016

Yana Dobrovolskaya Crowned Miss Russia 2016

Yana Dobrovolskaya from Tyumen was crowned as Miss Russia 2016 in the grand coronation finale held on April 16, 2016 in the Concert Hall Barvikha Luxury Village in Moscow, Russia. Yana Dobrovolskaya succeeds Sofia Nikitchuk of Yekaterinburg, who was titled as first runner up at Miss World 2015. Yana Dobrovolskaya will now represent Russia in Miss World 2016 and Miss Universe 2016. During the coronation night, Yuliana Korolkova from Orenburg region was adjudged as first runner up and Yulia Khoroshavina from Kirov was titled as second runner up.

Yana Dobrovolskaya Miss Russia 2016
Yana Dobrovolskaya is Miss Russia 2016

Yana Dobrovolskaya was also amongst my top bets in the final predictions of Miss Russia 2016.

In the 24th edition of Miss Russia pageant, 50 gorgeous ladies competed with each other to win the coveted crown. Oksana Fedorova, who was crowned as Miss Universe 2002, but was later dethroned, served as the jury member in the grand finale of Miss Russia 2016.

The coronation night of Miss Russia 2016 was beautifully adorned with soothing musical performances, which made the audience admire the ambience of the pageant with awe.

After the introductory performances Top 20 semi-finalists were announced before the audience, which included-

  1. Elizaveta Goryunova
  2. Gulnur Zinnatova
  3. Evgeniya Nikolayevskaya
  4. AlbinaI ldarova
  5. Daria Pershina
  6. Tatyana Kizimova
  7. Maria Antonets
  8. Yulia Khoroshavina
  9. Valeria Deryagina
  10. Daria Kurdyukova
  11. Ekaterina Khachirova
  12. Yuliana Kroklova
  13. Alina Goncharova
  14. Elena Belkova
  15. Dilyara Yalaltynova
  16. Alina Toroshchina
  17. Yana Dobrovolskaya
  18. PolinaTensina
  19. Alexandra Pavlova
  20. Anastasia Polkhova

After the swimsuit round and evening gown round, the semi-finalists were trimmed down to Top 12 finalists, who further competed for the final question and answer round, which included-

  1. Evgeniya Nikolayevskaya
  2. Daria Pershina
  3. Maria Antonets
  4. Yulia Khoroshavina
  5. Daria Kurdyukova
  6. Yuliana Kroklova
  7. Alina Goncharova
  8. Dilyara Yalaltynova
  9. Alina Torochina
  10. Yana Dobrovolskaya
  11. Polina Tensina
  12. Anastasia Polkhova

The Miss Russia pageant has been running since 1992, and has produced two Miss World and one Miss Universe through the courtesy of Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008), Oksana Fedorova (Miss Universe 2002 Dethroned) and Yuliya Alexandrovna Kourochkina (Miss World 1992). Last year, Sofia Nikitchuk became the first runner up at Miss World 2015, held in Sanya, China.

Sofia Nikitchuk Farewall Walk.jpg
Sofia Nikitchuk, Miss Russia 2015 taking her farewell walk

Seeing the newly crowned Miss Russia 2016, it seems that success track of Russia is certainly going to augment. Congratulations to the newly crowned, Miss Russia 2016, Yana Dobrovolskaya.

Click here, for the Russian Translation of the news on Miss Russia 2016.

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