Miss Russia 2016: Final Favourites

Miss Russia 2016: Top 5 Favourites

Miss Russia 2016 grand finale is scheduled to take place on April 16, 2016 at the end of which Sofia Nikitchuk will pass on her crown to the next Miss Russia. This year 50 contestants are vying for the coveted crown of Miss Russia 2016. The winner of Miss Russia 2016 will represent Russia at the coming editions of Miss Universe 2016 and Miss World 2016.

Last year, Sofia Nikitchuk almost won the Miss World crown by bagging the first runner up position at Miss World 2015, held in Sanya, China. Hence, the newly crowned beauty queen will have a big shoe to fill in.

With only 48 hours left for the coronation night of Miss Russia 2016 pageant, I am here with my five favorites who may wear the sash of Russia at Miss World 2016 and Miss Universe 2016. Have a look-

5. Sofia Mustafina- Kazan

Sofia Mustafina

Sofia Mustafina- Kazan

Sofia Mustafina has an alluring aura. She comes across as congenial, pleasant and laid back. Her natural smile is her biggest asset and she is indeed a smart woman in her overall personality.

4. Yana Dobrovolskaya- Tyumen

Yana Dobrovolskaya

Yana Dobrovolskaya- Tyumen

Finely carved facial features and the air of fierceness garbing the celestial face, Yana Dobrovolskaya is surely one to watch for in the race to the crown. Yana is remarkably beautiful and her fragile yet ferocious traits will land her to a top notch position as the coronation night of Miss Russia 2016 approaches.

3. Irina Zhdanova – Irkutsk

Irina Zhdanova

Irina Zhdanova- Irkutsk

A soft and supple beauty who effortlessly makes her presence felt, Irina Zhdanova is playing her cards well. She is astonishingly beautiful and her pulsating smile adds on glitters to her sparkling personality.

2. Daria Pershina- Irkutsk Region

Daria Pershina

Daria Pershina Irkutsk region

Daria Pershina seems to branch out of some fairy tale! A beauty which seems ethereal is truly one to beat in the race of Miss Russia 2016 crown. She is fierce yet charming, fragile yet sturdy! Her beauty can turn million heads around.

1. Anastasia Połkhova- Yaroslavl

Anastasia Połkhova

Anastasia Połkhova- Yaroslavl

Anastasia Połkhova is a flawless beauty, whom Miss Russia Organization should not ignore. If groomed well she can again accomplish the somewhat similar deed to Sofia Nikitchuk at Miss World. A wonderful face, awe-evoking expressions and a fit body can take Russia on a laudable plane at the international arena.

Miss Russia

The Miss Russia pageant has been running since 1992, and has produced two Miss World and one Miss Universe through the courtesy of Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008), Oksana Fedorova (Miss Universe 2002 Dethroned) and Yuliya Alexandrovna Kourochkina (Miss World 1992).

Looking at the bunch of gorgeous ladies, it seems that Russia is gravely aspiring to recuperate its powerhouse status at Miss World and Miss Universe. Who do you think will succeed Sofia Nikitchuk and become Miss Russia 2016?

Vagisha Mishra

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