An Exclusive Interview with Daniella Walcott, Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Meet the newly crowned Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016- Daniella Walcott

Daniella Walcott was crowned as Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016 (Miss Oneness Trinidad & Tobago) on 9th April 2016. Daniella Walcott will now represent Trinidad & Tobago at Miss World 2016. She succeeds Kimberly Singh.

Trinidad & Tobago has one won Miss World crown through Giselle Laronde in 1986 and have gifted the Miss World pageant with several runner ups and semi-finalists. This year Daniella Walcott is all set to represent her nation proudly at Miss World 2016, hoping not just to give a power packed performance but also aspiring to bring the second Miss World crown home soon!


In an exclusive interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, the newly crowned Miss Oneness Trinidad & Tobago 2016, Daniella Walcott ponders over some of her aspirations, plans and agendas for the forthcoming edition of Miss World. Her suave and modest responses will certainly leave a wonderful smile on your face. Have a look!

Heartiest congratulations Daniella, for winning the coveted title of Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2016. How does it feel as a newly crowned beauty queen?

I’m honored and ecstatic, it is an unbelievable feeling. Emotionally moved! There is some work before me that I can’t wait to get started. I’m excited to create a successful journey regardless of the outcome.

Please tell us more about your veiled personality, something which your fans are not aware about.

One of my strengths is my compassion and sensitivity to everything. I feel deeply, I live deeply and I love deeply. I am focused on my mission in this world in inspiring others through my  higher calling to be a leader. My kindness and gentleness I consider a strength, it possess wisdom and understanding that not many people understand and perceive, yet it reflects a powerful resonance. I am a firm believer of spreading positive light despite the darkness. During my reign I want to connect with people through my loving and fun energetic side, it is something I really look forward to!! I love overcoming obstacles and growing through the obstacle.

Do you think winning a prestigious crown like Miss World Trinidad and Tobago has initiated any differences in your life?

Winning the title as Miss World Trinidad and Tobago has lit a passion in my heart. It feels just right for me. It has awakened more the the confident leader in me to be able to focus and pursue something that I am very much called to do.

Miss World is worldwide known for its sincerity and is warmly accepted by many nations to be a prime one. However, it is full of challenges and assesses the potential of the contestants in the most intricate way possible, by observing the girls through Sports Round, Communication Skills, Top Model Round, “Beauty with a Purpose” Project, Multimedia Round and Talent Round. Which amongst this is your forte, where you are hoping to give your exceptionally well performance?

I believe that I have the skills to be amenable to all, but if I had to chose those what I would excel in, it would be in the “Beauty with a Purpose” and “Talent Competition”. Creating and executing charity projects is a love of mine since I was exposed to working with charities in the “Living Water community”. I have been singing in choirs since Primary school, working on music festivals and performing both vocally and instrumentally. I also sang for seven years with the Marionettes choral and the Living Water Community’s Youth Band and Parang Band. I also got private training with voice trainer June Nathanial.

Daniella Walcott Miss Trinidad and Tobago

What will your “Beauty with a Purpose” Project reflect? Have you started working over it?

My Beauty with a Purpose project is now in its’ baby stages. I will soon reveal J

Who is your most ideal beauty queen, who has motivated you to evolve as a beauty queen herself?

Rolene Strauss – Miss World 2014. She is a true humanitarian.

Trinidad and Tobago has won Miss World crown once, but has given a decent performance at Miss World pageant altogether. How challenging do you think will be the Miss World 2016 pageant for you?

The Miss World pageant will motivate me to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. It will challenge my capacity to withstand and manage many projects that will be occurring one after the other. However the growth is very rewarding and quite exciting! It will be expansive growth though all of the projects that I will be working on, however I am privileged to have been exposed to the energy of the pageant since I competed in 2015 for the local leg, I love taking on a challenge and I look forward to it.

What are your prime agendas at present? How are you gearing yourself up for Miss World 2016 pageant?

Presently I am quite focused on completing my Bachelor of Performing Arts degree in Theater design and Production with a Major in Set Design and Costume Design. Luckily my classes come to an end in April and my exams are then. My time focusing on developing myself for the pageant will be easier to manage since I will be finished at school soon. I however am self employed and have a business to manage during the work week. Time management is the main key to balancing my progress in doing my projects and development for the pageant.

Daniella Walcott

If you go on to win the second Miss World crown for Trinidad and Tobago, how would you use the Miss World platform?

The Miss World title holds very high prestige and represents Beauty With a Purpose. It represents a diplomatic charitable Woman. I intend to make use of the platform to inspire others, to awaken the beautiful gifts in others and show support to them. I would use the opportunity as a platform to champion causes such as poverty and humanitarian vulnerability. To support powerful, peaceful and charitable movements and to bring a greater pride and hope to Trinidad and Tobago.

What message would you like to give to your fans reading this interview?

To my fans, I am here to be a positive, inspiring and motivational role model and a beacon of hope to you all in any way that I can be. Thank you for believing in me. I do intend to create a successful reign in 2016 as Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, and I love that you are with me on my journey.  Thank you once again. Peace and Love, Dani!

MWTT Daniella Walcott 3

That was a beautiful conversation, Daniella! Not only you are one of the most beautiful Miss World Trinidad & Tobago of all times, but your eloquence and humbleness is par excellence. Wish you all the best for the coming Miss World 2016 voyage!


Courtesy: Miss Oneness Trinidad & Tobago Organization


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