Riem El Kadiri From Morocco Wins Miss Teen International 2016

Riem El Kadiri From Morocco Is Miss Teen International 2016

Riem El Kadiri from Morrocco has been crowned as Miss Teen International 2016 on March 5th 2016 in Beirut, Lebanon. She succeeds Ailin Adorno from Paraguay. The competition witnessed the battle amongst 21 girls from different countries. Ukraine, Venezuela and Iran completed the Top 5 spot of Miss Teen International 2016.


Riem El Kadiri, who is just 16 years old, hails from Marrakesh, won the maximum number of votes in Miss Teen International 2016.

After winning the pageant, the newly crowned beauty queen said:  “When I first entered this contest, I never dreamed I would win! When the director called us to fly to Lebanon because I was one of the four finalists, I just couldn’t believe it. I felt excited on the plane, and it was the first moment I began to think that maybe I could win! We arrived two days before the actual soiree. Since winning, I’ve been doing live interviews for TV channels, and photo shoots for magazines.”

This was the first pageant of Miss Teen International, Riem El Kadiri and she never participated in any beauty pageant formerly. While talking to the media post her crowning, Riem expressed: “I only entered at the urging of my mother and other people in Lebanon (where we had gone on vacation a few months ago), who kept telling my mother, ‘Your daughter should participate! She is so beautiful; she really has a chance of winning.’ My mother has always been my biggest supporter. She told me I was beautiful, but I until now, I thought she said that just because she was my mom!” Her family’s support and her dedication has made her worthy of the coveted title undoubtedly.


The Miss Teen International Beauty Pageant was first held in 1993 for girls between the ages of 13-18. The finale night counts for 60 percent, while the preliminary interview counts for 40 percent. The finale night witnessed the three prominent rounds, which included Fitness Wear Round, Evening Gown Round and Fun Fashion Wear Round. The contestants were assessed on physical fitness and personality. Several former winners of Miss Teen International pageant have later represented their countries at Miss Universe pageant.

Congratulations, Riem El Kadiri for winning the coveted title of Miss Teen International 2016!

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