An Exclusive Interview with Jorge Esteban, National Director of Miss Universe Iceland

In a tête-à-tête with Jorge Esteban

The pageant enthusiasts all across the globe have gone into a merriment gala after hearing that Iceland will be back at Miss Universe! Iceland last competed and placed at Miss Universe in 2009, and after seven years of long wait, the Iceland beauties are ready to parade their charisma yet again at world’s biggest pageant, Miss Universe. One week ago, the President of Miss Universe Organization, Paula Shugart appointed Manuela Osk and Jorge Esteban as the new National Directors of Miss Universe Iceland.

Lately, I got a chance to interact with the venerable, Jorge Esteban, who is now eagerly looking forward to put Iceland back at Miss Universe map. Jorge Esteban owns a wonderful pageant coaching organization, “Pageant Smart”, where he has trained many former Miss USA contestants. In fact, Nia Sanchez, who went on to win 1st runner up position at Miss Universe 2014, belongs to pageant camp of the honourable, Jorge Esteban.


In an interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Jorge Esteban reveals his agendas, aims and challenges as he traverses on the trail of Miss Universe Iceland. Have a look at his beautiful ideas-

Heartiest congratulations, Jorge for acquiring the franchise of Miss Universe Iceland. People all across the globe are enthralled to witness Iceland at Miss Universe 2016. How are you gearing yourself up for the voyage?

We are already working hard to make this pageant a wonderful experience…whether you are a contestant or an audience member. After our official contract signing in New York City with the Miss Universe Organization, we traveled to Reykjavik to start the process of meeting with sponsors, visiting potential venue sites as well as hotel and accommodations hosts.

You own a luminous organization, “PageantSmart”. Please tell us more about it!

PageantSmart was officially launched in January 2014 with the primary focus on helping women with their pageant communication skills from the interview room to the stage. I had done freelance communications work in the pageant industry for about 6 years prior to the official launch. We work across many different systems including USA/MUO, MAO, International, USA National Miss, International Junior Miss, Earth, National American Miss, etc. I am honored to say that several of my clients have gone on to win their national pageants including Katherine Haik, Miss Teen USA 2015 and Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014 / 1st Runner-up at Miss Universe 2014. In the USA/MUO system alone, I’ve had the privilege of working with over 60 women who have won their state USA titles in the past 7 years. You can visit our website to read client testimonials, keep up with where we will be traveling next to as well as more information on our NO FEAR interview program.

You have helped many Miss USA contestants in grooming themselves and carving them into polished and mature beauty queens, shall we expect that Iceland is going to have its first Miss Universe crown soon, through your proficient training sessions?

Since Manuela OskHardoardottir, my fellow national director of Miss Universe Iceland and I are pretty well connected in the pageant industry and media circles, you can rest assured the one lucky woman who is crowned Miss Universe Iceland 2016 will have the best of the best when it comes to sponsors and her preparation team for Miss Universe. Our goal every year will be to win Miss Universe.


Iceland has three Miss World winners and one Miss International winner but it came closest to Miss Universe crown in 1962 by placing as first runner up at the said pageant.  Since then, it has been a long time to see Iceland placing as high as Anna Geirsdóttir. How challenging do you think it is to put Iceland back at top on the Miss Universe map?

When always starting something new, there will be challenges along the way. But Manuela and I are committed to doing our best to reestablish the national Icelandic pageant. I am confident that we will have the new titleholder well prepared and proud to have Iceland once again on the Miss Universe stage.

What are your prime agendas for Miss Universe Iceland 2016? What kind of titleholder are you looking forward to?

Regardless of the physical size or population of a country, the goal is to find a woman who is not just physically attractive but also has a heart of gold. True beauty lies within and if we are lucky enough to find a perfect combination of external and inner beauty…that is deadly mix! We will be looking for someone that is eloquent in her speaking abilities as well as poised. As far as the national pageant is concerned, we hope to bring something different and edgy to the table from a production aspect as well marketing, sponsorships and the overall experience a delegate will have.


Will the Miss Universe Iceland Organization have former beauty queens as mentors or jury in the team?

Yes, our current plans are to have a 100% international panel of judges comprised of industry experts ranging from talent agents to entertainment industry representatives to former pageant queens.

When would the world witness the glorious coronation night of Miss Universe Iceland 2016? When will the castings and auditions for the pageant begin?

We are currently finalizing venue visits and should be able to announce the date, site and contestant registration timeline in May 2016. Plans are to have an exclusive launch party to unveil all the details of Miss Universe Iceland 2016 pageant.

What message would you like to give to the pageant enthusiasts, who are reading this interview?

We are thrilled at the love, support and overall enthusiasm we have been lucky to experience so far worldwide from fans and supporters. We all can agree that Iceland has been gone from the Miss Universe stage for far too long. To keep up with our journey please be sure to like our official Facebook page – Miss Universe Iceland; follow us on Instagram @missuniverseiceland and/or on Twitter @MissUniverseIce !


That was indeed a wonderful conversation, Jorge! Looking at your enthusiasm and determination, I am very sure that the world will soon witness a Miss Universe from Iceland. Hats off to your unwavering dedication and fortitude! I wish you all the very best for the forthcoming venture!

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