Ceská Miss 2016: Final Hotpicks

Final Thoughts Over  Ceská Miss 2016

After all the enthralment of three months, Ceská Miss 2016 will conclude tomorrow with all glory. The grand finale of Ceská Miss, which is slated to take place on 2nd April 2016, will witness the battle of 10 finalists vying to win the coveted title of Miss Czech Republic 2016. The winners will represent Czech Republic in the upcoming editions of Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth 2016. Nikol Švantnerová (Miss Universe Czech Republic 2015), Andrea Kalousová (Miss World Czech Republic 2015) and Karolina Malisova (Miss Earth Czech Republic 2015) will pass on their crowns to their successors at the end of the event.

With only few hours left for the coronation night, I am here with my final hotpicks for Ceská Miss 2016. Have a look!

Second Runner Up-  Dominika Koštálová

Dominika Koštálová has a very fragile aura, a beauty which wins million hearts with her tranquility. She has got an angelic face, and will definitely not be missed at the competition.

Dominika Košťálová

First Runner Up- Šárka Zdvorilá

What an enticing beauty, Šárka Zdvorilá is! Her beauty is wonderfully beguiling, her expressive eyes being her best features. Who would fail to notice such a gorgeous lady! She has been a hit throughout the competition, exhibiting her magnificent charisma in all the photoshoots and events. She is not going to settle down in less!

Šárka Zdvořilá.jpg

Miss Earth Czech Republic 2016- Adéla Rezková

What makes Adéla Rezková one to watch for in the road to Ceská Miss 2016 crown is her unique yet astounding aura! Her immaculate styling sense along with those mesmeric natural curls is total hit in my opinion. At international platform, Adéla Rezková can play her cards really well due to her voguish swag. She is totally there to win it.

Adéla Rezková.jpg

Miss World Czech Republic 2016- Nikola Kováríková

Nikola Kováríková is the kind of beauty which Miss World Organization loves to behold time and again. She has a serene aura in her gorgeousness and comes across as quite calm and composed. She is also a huge favourite for the crowd right now, and I won’t be surprised if she wins it all.

Nikola Kováříková.jpg

Miss Universe Czech Republic 2016- Kristýna Kubícková

Kristýna Kubícková is smashing all the events up till now! Apart from having a worldly admired beauty, Kristýna Kubícková seems incredibly confident in her appearances. Be it photoshoots or videos, she nails every single glimpse of her persona. She is bold, sexy yet wonderfully charming when she smiles. This fiercely beautiful lady can do wonders if sent to the “Confidently Beautiful” pageant of the world, Miss Universe.

Kristýna Kubíčková.jpg

So, who are you rooting for Ceská Miss 2016 crowns? Do share your favourites and let me know about your interesting opinions!

Vagisha Mishra


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