Road to Miss USA 2016: Meet Miss Texas USA

Miss Texas USA 2016: Daniella Rodriguez

When it comes to Miss USA, no one can question Texas’s preeminence! Daniella Rodriguez is all set to adorn Texas with its tenth victory at Miss USA. Possessing an ethereal yet strikingly beautiful aura, Daniella Rodriguez is an early favourite for the crown of Miss USA 2016.

Pageant is not a new venture for Daniella and she has already represented Texas at Miss Teen USA 2013 in the Bahamas. Daniella could not place at Miss Teen USA 2013, but now has made sure that she will definitely clinch the Miss USA 2016 crown.


Daniella Rodriguez hails from Laredo and has variety of proficiencies and expertise, and she believes in making the most of her life. Acting, dancing, singing, writing songs and playing guitar, combines the leisure pursuits of Miss Texas USA 2016, Daniella Rodriguez. Standing 5’8 tall, she is fluent at Spanish language.

Apart from being beautifully talented, she has also managed to devote her time in lending support to organizations and charities close to her heart, which includes St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Pink Ribbon Awareness and Special Olympics. Daniella also believes to contribute to the causes related to assisting Down syndrome and autistic children.

Apart from being a philanthropist, Miss Texas USA 2016 aspires to be a well established actress. In an interview, she was found saying: “My career goal and ‘dream job’ is to become a famous actress and win an Oscar!” She has always been fascinated with Sarah Bernhardt who was once known as “the world’s most famous actress”. She already has a toehold on fame, having not only won a UIL One-Act All Star award, but also having appeared in three University of Texas pre-thesis films as well as a full-length motion picture.


Texas is the most successful state ever to compete at Miss USA. It has nine Miss USA winners and one Miss Universe. Texas is best known for its five consecutive winners. Before Texas won consecutively from 1985 to 1989, no state had ever won the Miss USA pageant more than two times in succession. Texas also has the most semifinalists at Miss USA by placing 45 times at the same. Texas has won 9 special awards at Miss USA.

Do you think this will be 46th placement of Texas at Miss USA 2016? Where do you see Miss Texas USA 2016, Daniella Rodriguez at Miss USA 2016? Do share your opinions.

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