A Farewell Ode to Departing Femina Miss India Queens

A Flashback To Femina Miss India 2015

Exactly on this day last year, Femina Miss India organization crowned three beautiful women, who were not merely exteriorly gorgeous but had a lovely personality, mind and soul as well. On 28th March 2015, Femina Miss India 2016 crowned Aditi Arya as Miss World India, Aafreen Vaz as Miss Supranational India and Vartika Singh as Miss Grand India. Later, Sushrii Shreya Mishra was appointed as Miss United Continents India, adding yet another glitter to the magnanimous alumna of Femina Miss India 2015!


The finale of Fbb Femina Miss India 2016 is merely ten days far! With every passing day, the fans of these lovely beauty queens are growing nostalgic, as their wonderful reign is soon going to end. Hence, on the day when these beautiful women were crowned, let’s go in a flashback, remembering all the beautiful facets of their astonishing reign.

It was December 2014, just a couple of days after Miss World 2014, when Delhi girl Koyal Rana won the Miss World Continental Queen of Asia title, placing as Top 10 finalist at Miss World 2014, Femina Miss India crowned Aditi Arya as the first runner up at Femina Miss India Delhi 2015. It was then when I came in contact with Aditi. When I initially talked to Aditi, it was a very professional kind of conversation, where she told me about her preparations for the final auditions of Femina Miss India 2015.


The bridge between our conversations rapidly minimized and I was astounded and impressed by the vivaciousness, Aditi had in her personality. When just couples of days were left for Femina Miss India 2015 final audition, Aditi was quite anxious but confident at the same time.  During this period, Aditi revealed to me that she is 5’11 and loves to act. She was a street theatre member in SSCBS College at Delhi University and was awarded with young leader’s scholarship from ISB Hyderabad. She was also the HR and Recruitment Head for her college society and organized various business events during her graduation. She was working with the NGO-Protsahan, even before she made her mind to join Miss India. At the moment when she joined Femina Miss India, Aditi was working as a research analyst at Ernst & Young.

Considering her flairs, her vivaciousness and affable aura, even before the final auditions of Femina Miss India 2015, I was quiet assured that she will definitely join the batch as a finalist. The day of final auditions approached and as expected the bubbly Delhi girl made it to the finalist spot of Femina Miss India 2015.

During Femina Miss India 2015, Aditi Arya won “Miss Beautiful Hair” and “Miss Sudoku”.  When asked in Top 10 Round- “Being a potential celebrity has its pros and cons, how have you prepared for it?” Aditi answered- “While I figure out pros and cons, whenever the pros will exceed cons I will take all the safety measures.” Aditi’s answer reflected her far sightedness and responsibility to take the title with grave respect and hard work. Further as everyone expected she was called as one of the Top 5 finalists. In the final Question and Answer Segment when Aditi was asked- “At what age do most of the people become old and what is the secret of staying young?” Aditi with utmost poise answered- “While age is all in you head. A person becomes old when he stop living for his dreams, but if you continue to chase you dream you stay young.”

The articulate and vibrantly spirited diva was crowned as Miss World India 2015 on 28th March 2015. Even after her crowning, Aditi’s humble and down to earth nature never underwent a change! She was the same girl with big heart, with soft charm yet sturdy mind. Prior to her Miss World pageant, she ardently heard all the suggestions made to her and was grateful to her online fans, who were her backbone of support and motivation. Unfortunately, even after giving her best, Aditi could not make the cut in quarter finals at Miss World 2015, but her fans and well wishers’ love for her did not reduced, as Aditi was always a gregarious and congenial Miss India, spreading smile wherever she went!


Subsequent to her return from Sanya, China, Aditi gracefully replied to all the messages of her well wishers, thanking them to support her in her grand journey! Her congeniality truly wins our hearts, and she will always be remembered as one of the finest congenial beauty queens India ever had.

Another gem which Femina Miss India 2015 gifted India with, was Vartika Singh! Who doesn’t admire this simple yet sober beauty queen? Vartika Singh was not a new face when she joined Femina Miss India 2015. She had already participated at Miss Diva 2014, where she won “Miss Photogenic” and was also a Top 7 finalist at the same.

Vartika made huge waves when she revealed she will be auditioning for Femina Miss India 2015. On the final day of auditions, Vartika pleasantly stunned her fans, when she was announced as one of the finalists. Vartika was considered as a huge front runner right from the beginning of the pageant. She was beautifully dressed in every event, and her pictures, be it candids, selfies or group pictures, made her all the more enticingly beautiful.


Days passed by and the finale night approached! Vartika Singh made the history that night by sweeping all the prominent subtitles in her kitty, by winning “Miss Photogenic”, “Best National Costume” and “Beauty with a Purpose”. During the Top 10 Question and Answer round, Vartika was asked: “Is physical beauty a curse or a boon?” to which Vartika smilingly and confidently replied: “Physical beauty can be a curse as well as a boon, I say so because I have felt so. Being beautiful can hurt sometimes but being beautiful is a great thing as well.” Her eloquence won the hearts of the jury, and she further proceeded to Top 5 finalist spot. In the Final Question and Answer Round, when Vartika was asked: “At what age do most people become old and what is the secret to staying young?” Vartika beautifully reverted, “Ageing is a state of mind. When you start thinking you’re old, you feel old but when life brings new surprises everyday then you will always stay young.”

Vartika looked breathtakingly beautiful at the coronation eve and her smart and gorgeous aura was rewarded with the Miss Grand India title on 28th March 2015. The days passed by and she soon departed for Miss Grand International pageant. No Indian till date had placed at the pageant and it was a tough time for India to prove its mettle at Miss Grand International 2015.

Prior to the pageant, Vartika graciously replied and affirmed to every minute suggestion and was always grateful towards the support me and all her Indian fans showed to her at the time when she needed it most. Whenever I praised her appearance or her performance at a particular pre-pageant activity, the very kind beauty affably replied: “Believe me it’s all because of support India is giving me!” Vartika was always humble and down to earth and her personality would win million hearts! Apart from being a much loved beauty queen, she is truly a gem of person.

And then the grand finale of Miss Grand International 2015 approached! Just when three hours were left for the finale, Vartika replied to the good luck message I had dropped in her inbox, saying she is trying her best and she needs all the best wishes to make India proud. The best wishes of India along with her magnanimous performance at the finale night made her the first Indian to place at Miss Grand International, and place as high as second runner up, that her performance is loved and esteemed even today. Vartika also won “Best in Social Media” award at Miss Grand International 2015.


Vartika’s humility, grace and poise makes her one of the most graceful and diligent Miss India ever! And now, her fans want to see her as India at Miss Universe stage. Vartika Singh has been part of her state Uttar Pradesh World Bank’s Health Care Project. She has been awarded by Uttar Pradesh government for her initiatives to nutrition and health of women and children and having promoted digital literacy. She is also the face of “Mera Lucknow” Project. There’s something grand about our Miss Grand India’s personality for sure!

Another lovely gem Femina Miss India 2015 adorned India with was Sushrii Shreya Mishra. Like her endearing dimple, Sushrii is as adorable personality. A smiling and effervescent diva, Sushrii was always very approachable, friendly and perseverant. Sushrii is a very talented woman and has won several gold medals for horse riding and Odissi dance. She is also a certified scuba diver and aerial silk rope dancer.


In 2010, she won the annual Asian Supermodel India Contest and represented India at the world finale of Asian Supermodel 2010 contest held in China. She was declared Miss Friendship International at the same. She was also a participant at I AM She 2010 the inaugural edition of I Am She – Miss Universe India and won I AM Popular special award. In 2013, she participated at the inaugural edition of Miss Diva contest and became one of the Top 7 semi-finalists. She also won the special award for Miss Digital.

Like her bright personality, Sushrii very congenially connected to her fans and well wishers and gave a terrific performance at Femina Miss India 2015 by winning “Miss Vivacious” and “Miss Rampwalk”. Soon the organization decided to send this proficient lady at Miss United Continents 2015.

The pressure was high at Sushrii, since India was reaching very close to the crown at the said pageant for two consecutive years. But the dainty diva did not let down her fans and worked diligently to achieve her goal. At Miss United Continents 2015, she made India swell with pride by winning the third runner up position alongside “Best National Costume” and “Miss Photogenic.” She is truly the most loved “Dimple girl” of Femina Miss India.

Coming to Miss Supranational India, Aafreen Vaz! A medical student by profession, Aafreen became the third direct finalist of Femina Miss India 2015 by winning “Campus Princess”. As a proficient model, Aafreen had showcased her talent at “New Zealand’s Next Top Model” and hence posing for camera came at ease for the striking diva.


During Femina Miss India 2015, Aafreen was awarded with “Miss Congeniality” title. Her eloquence was appreciated and her demeanor was loved not just by the audience but also by the organization. During the Top 10 Question and Answer round, Aafreen was inquired: “Share one motivational quote that influenced your life.” To which she beamingly replied: “Be your own best friend.” She further advanced to Top 5 and was then asked in the final question and answer round, “At what age do most people become old and what is the secret to staying young?” Aafreen very buoyantly answered: “Transition from young to old is subjective…when you start behaving old you feel old and if you smile then you stay young.”

During Miss Supranational 2015, Aafreen Vaz placed as a Top 10 finalist and was also honored with the “Continental Queen of Asia and Oceania” title. She also became 1st Runner Up at Miss Internet sub-competition and placed in the Top 10 of the Top Model and Best National Costume sub-competitions. She became the second Indian woman to be crowned Miss Supranational Asia and Oceania, the first being Michelle Almeida, Miss Supranational India 2011.

Today on 28th March 2016, India would like to thank all these wonderfully beautiful reigning Miss India titleholders, for making India proud and glee! I am sure, their successors would take inspiration from the reigning Miss India, Aditi Arya, Vartika Singh, Aafreen Vaz and Sushrii Shreya Mishra to evolve not only as a successful beauty queen, but also as a true beauty queen!

Vagisha Mishra

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