Natalie Glebova is Expecting The Bliss of Motherhood

Natalie Glebova is Soon Going to Be Mommy! 

Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova, who hails from Canada, is moving to a blissful juncture of her life. Natalie Glebova is expecting her first baby this month. Formerly, Natalie posted her maternity pictures on the social media to share the ecstasy of her motherhood along with her fans and well wishers.


While lying soothingly at a pool, Natalie posted, “Taking the bump for a swim on a lovely day. 3 weeks to go!”


Later, she also posted some of the very endearing pictures of her maternity photoshoot, clearly reflecting her elation and glee. Subsequently, Natalie Glebova shared some of her baby shower pictures at social media, expressing that she can’t wait to see her little cherub.


While Natalie is eagerly waiting to see her baby, wishing her all the best in this beautiful phase of life, along with heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple!



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