Interview with The Blogger : Vagisha Mishra

Thank you “Shopoholic Passion” for this beautiful interview session. I loved answering all your questions! 🙂

The Sh0pah0lic Passi0n

Vagisha Mishra is the owner of the famous blog “The Kaleidoscope Of Indian Pageantry” you can visit here.
She also judges the Tgpc Questions.
During the interview she mentioned about her interest in pageants and their development.
Read further to Know more about her:)


Q1.What inspired you to Start a Pageant Blog. Particularly “pageant” because it’s a rare topic to choose.

Vagisha : My penchant for pageant was never because it has some glamour quotient or is merely related to women fashion, but because it is a vicinity of sports which is not given as much preference in our nation as it should be! The country which holds five Miss World crowns, two Miss Universe crowns, one Miss Earth crown and one Miss Supranational crown, still weighs very petite attention in Indian masses. My blog is just a platform to reach out to more people in India as well…

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