Miss Nepal 2016 Crown Unveiled

First Look Of Miss Nepal 2016 Crowns! 

Miss Nepal 2016 is becoming eye-catching and more enthralling with every passing day. As the grand finale of Miss Nepal 2016 is twenty days far, the organization has allured the world by unveiling the new crown their new beauty queen would be adorned with. The Hidden Treasure, the organizers of Miss Nepal and R.B Diamond Jewelers unveiled a new crown, on Wednesday, March 15th 2016, that will be awarded to the winners at the grand finale, scheduled to be held on April 8th 2016.

The organizers opined that the crowns have been designed exclusively with the endeavour of showcasing Nepal’s ethnicity and its splendour in the international platform. Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati, chairman of The Hidden Treasure, proudly added: “With the aim of reflecting the nation’s culture, society, its people and their story, the crowns for this year have been forged with the vision of showcasing the depth and finesse of Nepali artistry.”


It was told that the Miss Nepal crown has the traditional Akhe jhyaal–a staple of traditional Newari architecture–as its focal point. The open window of the Akhe jhyaal was picked by the designers to signify the open and warm hearts of the Nepali people, who are always welcoming the guests with congeniality. RB Diamond’s Ramesh Maharjan further added: “Its strong centre piece has been balanced by floral patterns that are inspired by dense forests and the natural beauty of Nepal. The crown also assimilates the sun and the moon from the national flag into its design.”

The crown for the first runner up has been designed integrating the traditional enhancement, Sirbandi into its design. The second runner up crown has the Goddess Kumari as its focal point, and was designed to accentuate on the need to empower women, and to assist them find their inner potency.


Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati, the venerable chairman of Miss Nepal Organization also expressed: “The crowns have been crafted, taking pains to make sure they reflect Nepaliness. All three have stones of various origins that have been placed individually into the structure, whilst carefully considering the big picture.”

In an appealing detail, Royal Blue Kyanite, which are mined and cut in Nepal, have been placed in the centre of each of the crowns. The designing of crowns took about 45 days and has the embellishments of more than 2000 stones in each of them.

The grand finale of Miss Nepal 2016 is scheduled to be held on April 8th 2016 at Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu. Evana Manandhar, Miss World Nepal, Dibyata Vaidya, Miss Earth Nepal and Medha Koirala, Miss International Nepal, are reigning as the current titleholders of “The Hidden Treasures Miss Nepal”. At the conclusion of the grand finale of Miss Nepal 2016, these beauty queens will pass on these gorgeous crowns to their successors. Who do you think will be the rightful titleholder of this exuberant crown? Do share your opinions.

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Picture Credits: Miss Nepal Official Website


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