Miss South Africa 2016- Final Hotpicks

Final Predictions For Miss South Africa 2016

Miss South Africa 2016 grand finale is merely two days far but the enthrallment and thrilling linger is beyond measure! The much anticipated 60th edition of Miss South Africa will take place on March 19, 2016 at the Sun City Superbowl wherein Liesl Laurie will crown her successor at the end of the event. The winner of Miss South Africa 2016 will represent South Africa at both Miss Universe 2016 and Miss World 2016. This year 12 contestants are vying to fill the shoes of Liesl Laurie, who was also a Top 10 finalist at Miss World 2015, held in Sanya, China on 19th December 2015.

The batch is extremely competitive and polished and it’s very difficult to come up with six best finalists. Nevertheless, after going through the introduction and interview videos along with assessing the photoshoots of the contestants, I am here with my favorites for Miss South Africa 2016 crown, who in my opinion has the prowess to clinch the prestigious title. So let’s begin in reverse order!

At sixth place is Marciel Hopkins. Marciel Hopkins is extremely comfortable in her photoshoots and her relaxed and laid back demeanor captured in camera is truly enticing. The best features in Marciel are her expressive eyes, which speaks for her even when she is serenely silent. She is vibrant, voguish and elegant, and hence she is locked in my Top 5 at the moment. Marciel Hopkins has never done modeling before but the way she has beautifully evolved with passing days is praiseworthy.

Marciel Hopkins

Marciel Hopkins

At fifth place is Sharon Rose Lehlohonolo Khumalo. Sharon Rose Lehlohonolo Khumalo stands in a league of her own! This gorgeous lady has a vision to go far if she is crowned as Miss South Africa 2016. She considers education as her major agenda, and her dedication towards serving the society would surely be noticed by the Miss World organization if given a chance. Her playful yet very confident expressions while rehearsing with the media and the mentors makes her irresistible. She is distinctively charming!

Sharon Rose Lehlohonolo Khumalo

Sharon Rose Lehlohonolo Khumalo

Shining at fourth position is Ntandoyenkosi Kunene.  Ntandoyenkosi Kunene is a woman with big dreams. She has very soft voice and is incredibly congenial. Introducing herself as a compassionate South African, Ntandoyenkosi is certainly a strong contestant. She is very smart and eloquent, and her idea of establishing a legacy for South African women makes her highly dedicated to the responsibility a Miss South Africa crown brings with itself. She is bold and different from all the contestants, and hence becomes an alluringly matchless crown contender of Miss South Africa 2016.

Ntandoyenkosi Kunene

Ntandoyenkosi Kunene

Dazzling at third spot is Luyolo Mngonyama.  Luyolo Mngonyama is enormously confident while interacting with the media. Time and again she has been praised by the judges, who reflected that Luyolo “truly represents a South African beauty.” She is not just a pretty face, but has been addressed as the “woman of substance and passion” by the venerable mentors of Miss South Africa 2016. However, sometimes Luyolo comes across as a little timid grappling with the problem of articulating herself, but there is no denying of the fact that this woman can absolutely pull off her major efforts if sent to an international platform. She has got a dedicated heart, and she is here to win it all.

Luyolo Mngonyama

Luyolo Mngonyama

Glittering at second place is Tayla Skye Robinson, 22 years beautiful contestant hailing from Johannesburg. Tayla’s vibrant smile and composed personality makes her glitter beamingly. Tayla is a classic blonde beauty and considering prestigious pageant titles under her belt, makes her even stronger competitor to win Miss South Africa 2016 crown. Tayla was honored with the Miss Teen World 2010 title erstwhile. While many pageant enthusiasts call her a bit rehearsed at times, she certainly cannot be ignored in the pageant. If she wins Miss South Africa 2016, she must be chosen to represent the country at Miss Universe 2016, as being a polished and experienced delegate she would give her best shot. In addition, her beauty is truly exemplary and deserves no less than Miss Universe 2016 platform!

Tayla Skye Robinson

Tayla Skye Robinson

Claiming the zenith is Reabetswe Rambi Sechoaro. Reabetswe Rambi is 22 years old and hails from Pretoria East. At one moment when she seems like a supermodel while blazing the runway and photoshoots, at another moment she becomes a highly compassionate and a relatable beauty queen. Rambi has a mammoth social media following and is getting a lot of buzz internationally; she can definitely not be ignored. She is a powerful woman and is very confident about her demeanor. An accounting science student, Rambi loves to play golf, gyming and doing philanthropic activities. If she is crowned as Miss South Africa 2016, another placement is certain for South Africa at Miss World!

Reabetswe Rambi Sechoaro

Reabetswe Rambi Sechoaro

So who do you think will be next Miss South Africa 2016? Who will succeed the vibrant beauty, Liesl Laurie as next South African warrior? Do share your opinions, favorites and ideas!

Vagisha Mishra

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