Who is The Best Speaker of Femina Miss India 2016? – A Review

The Eloquent Beauties of Femina Miss India 2016 

So the introduction videos of Fbb Femina Miss India 2016 contestants are finally out! I have been promising all of you to come up with an analysis about the contestants as soon as the introduction videos are released, and here I am with my take on the gorgeous finalists. Since the winner of Femina Miss India represents India at Miss World pageant, where inner beauty, genuine personality and eloquence are the most integral features to assess a delegate, hence these introduction videos give the clear and transparent idea of the caliber the contestants possess. So let’s begin the review!

While assessing the contestants, the focus was not only on the content of the speech, but also on the confidence, spontaneity, accent, presence in camera, expressions and body language. I will start with the elaboration of the girls, who impressed me with their wits and elegance, the most!

Priyadarshini Chatterjee-

Priyadarshini was the most impressive contestant in this section. When I formerly thought her to be incredibly fierce and sexy, believing that Miss Universe is her pageant, she has impressed me with her beautifully softer facet too! Priyadarshini has a very sweet voice and is perhaps the only contestant in the entire batch who actually seems to be interacting with the audience while she speaks. While other girls of the batch were quite rehearsed and phony, Priyadarshini was the one who mesmerized me with her authentic personality!  No fake accent, no made up expressions, she is effortlessly beautiful.

Another interesting fact about Priyadarshini Chatterjee’s introduction video was the idea that she is very few of those girls who manages to tell us in genuine manner that why she has chosen the platform of Femina Miss India. This woman is an absolutely strong player, and she should definitely not be ignored. I would love to see her at Miss World 2016 stage as India.

Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Sanjana GL-

Sanjana GL is another spontaneous contestant in the race of Femina Miss India 2016 crown. She has a very natural and genuine accent and is quite comfortable while facing the camera. She is very articulate, precise and to the point. She is not at all beating the bush, like many other contestants and coherently puts forth her ideas in 41 seconds effectively! The best thing about Sanjana was her “smizing” aura! She smiles with her eyes and manages to grab the audience’s attention beautifully.

Sanjana GL

Sanjana GL

Sushruthi Krishna-

Sushruthi Krishna is undoubtedly a great contestant in the batch! In her introduction video, Sushruthi seems to be very articulate and lively. Sushruthi is also amongst the very few girls who talks about her passion, reason and enthusiasm of joining Femina Miss India 2016. Her confident was evident when she reflected that last year’s failure in Femina Miss India has proved a blessing in disguise for her and she has emerged up even stronger than last time. However, being a polished contestant, we expected a little more from this gorgeous beauty. But while observing the energy level, she is indeed one of the best!

Sushruthi Krishna

Sushruthi Krishna

Aneesha Nitin Rane-

This girl is surely the dark horse of Femina Miss India 2016 pageant! She is merely 18 years old, but the way she showcases her personality in a matured and refined way is truly commendable! Aneesha tells about her passion regarding singing and playing guitar in a very musical and composed voice. She is extremely confident, natural and comfortable while speaking and has the aura of standing out in a crowd when it comes to eloquence. Serene as a breeze and grave as the wind, she is one to watch for!

Anisha Nitin Rane

Anisha Rane

Pankhuri Gidwani-

The way she began her introduction video was beyond praiseworthy! Her aura clearly glasscased elegance and smiling tranquilly as she speaks made her even more laudable. The way she chose to switch between English and Hindi language beautifully was the most captivating feature of her introduction video. She came across as highly energetic, vigorous and lively throughout until she made the gaffe in the end!

While concluding her introduction video, Pankhuri opined: “Miss India is not just a platform to reach and help people in need but is also a stepping stone for me to become an actress, to make my dream come true, which I have been seeing since four years.” While becoming an actress is not the fact to be criticized and we respect her passion, but calling Miss India a “stepping stone” is definitely not an easy thing to gulp down, as while she is here she should reflect majorly on the responsibility a Miss India crown brings with itself. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore this beauty as she is incredibly smart and refined!

Pankhuri Gidwani

Pankhuri Gidwani

These five exuberant beauties, Priyadarshini Chatterjee, Sanjana GL, Sushruthi Krishna, Aneesha Nitin Rane and Pankhuri Gidwani were indeed the best in the batch, when it comes to articulacy, eloquence, body language and confidence! Now coming to other honorable mentions, who were quite close to clinch the top notch!

Zeba Baig-

Zeba Baig’s video brought a smile on my face as I really loved the way she confidently unfolded her ideas in the National Language of India, Hindi. She did not shy away from telling the audience about the fact that her family is quiet conservative. She describes her dreams in articulate way and unlike many, was indeed natural. However, she lacked a little bit energy and should be much more lively and joyous while speaking.

Zeba Baig

Zeba Baig

Vaishnavi Patwardhan-

Vaishnavi is animated, vivacious and bubbly! She was confident while conversing with the camera, though I felt she could have been a bit more articulate about her aspirations and goals.

Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Rajkanya Baruah-

Rajkanya beautifully describes her journey of life in precise and straightforward words. However, the voice pitch seemed to be a little low and if spoken with spirited expressions, she could have emerged out to be even more wonderful!

Rajkanya Baruah

Rajkanya Baruah

Navpreet Kaur-

Navpreet was extremely confident while talking to the camera is highly energetic and vibrant. She does talks about her reason behind joining Femina Miss India, which is why I liked her, but seems to come across as a little fabricated in her accent.

Navpreet Kaur

Navpreet Kaur

Aradhana Buragohain-

Aradhana’s best feature was her vibrancy and playful expressions! She came across as quite cute and endearing. She speaks well with ample of chirpiness in her voice; the only area where she lacked was the articulacy of ideas.

Aradhana Buragohain

Aradhana Buragohain

Who is your intellectual diva amongst the gorgeous finalists of Fbb Femina Miss India 2016? Do not forget to share your opinions and favorites, my dear readers! The finale of 53rd edition of Fbb Femina Miss India 2016 is scheduled to take place on 9th April 2016, whereby the reigning Miss World India, Aditi Arya, Miss Supranational India, Aafreen Vaz and Miss Grand India, Vartika Singh will pass on their crown to their successors.

Vagisha Mishra

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