An Exclusive Interview With Vartika Singh, Miss Grand India 2015

An Inspiring Insight to Mind of India’s Pride- Vartika Singh, Miss Grand International 2015 Second Runner Up

The most enchanting quality of a beauty queen is to take her fans and well wishers along with her on the track she traverses, and that is precisely how Miss Grand India 2015, Vartika Singh is! The woman, who started off her pageant voyage with many apprehensions in her heart, initially had no idea about the ceaseless love she was going to receive from all over India and overseas.


Vartika Singh hails from the city of Lucknow in India and had a firm and established career as a technical adviser in public health with the World Bank before she embarked on the venture of pageantry. It almost took a year for her to decide if she should foray in the world of pageants, leaving her academic career behind and one day she listened to her heart and since then there has been no looking back for the beautiful queen! And now it’s totally worth it! Not only in India but Vartika’s name echoes in the hearts of her fans worldwide.

Vartika Singh not merely bagged Best in Social Media title at Miss Grand International but also became the first Indian woman to place at Miss Grand International and win the second runner up position in the nail biting competition.


In an interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Vartika unfolded many unseen scenes of Miss Grand International 2015, her emotions and feelings for her fans and Indian pageants as a whole. Her words will embellish a beautiful smile on your face, have a look!

You lived up to the expectations of your fans, and won the second runner up position at Miss Grand International 2015. How did you prepare yourself to reach the success feat?

I am overwhelmed to be called India’s pride and this is what my motivation is, till date. I felt loved by all of you (all my online friends and followers) from day one. I am glad that I lived up to the expectations of my fans, and it was their support and encouragement which helped me performing better.

You come from Lucknow, the city which has very less exposure to pageantry and modeling. Today, not only the entire India feels proud of you, but you are ruling over the hearts of many international fans. What were the challenges you faced when you decided to join pageantry?

Nothing comes easy in this world. When I started to even think to join pageantry I took a year to decide, leaving an established career of a technical adviser in public health with the World Bank wasn’t easy, there I was the only youngest girl to get that position and on top of that convincing a scientist father and principle mother wasn’t easy however when your dreams are calling you, you forget rest of the things, and then I took a baby step towards it by participating in Miss Diva 2014 Lucknow audition and trust me I wasn’t sure about my selection even there andddddddd now I am here 🙂


Were your friends and family supportive of your decision to join pageantry?

I come from an academic background, so for my parents if I have completed my master’s in public health I should have done my PhD however they supported me throughout my journey and my friends were always excited for me, they were always there along with my parents.

Your fans still admire you a lot and are adamantly wishing you to come back in pageantry. Any plans of competing at any other international pageant?

Honestly when I read such articles it makes me feel that Vartika at least you have earned people who have faith in you and it’s a fulfilment feeling and I can’t express in words how astonishing it is.

In India when a girl becomes Miss India, it is assumed she will definitely enter into Bollywood. Does your prospect gives a glimpse of any Bollywood venture, considering you have an angelic face to die for!

Thank you for the compliment. Public health has been very close to my heart and I see myself as an influential personality in future who can actually bring some change for the betterment of the society however if I get any good character to play in Indian cinema or overseas I would take it up alongside where my primary career would always be public health.

How was your entire journey of Miss Grand International 2015? If you were to share some behind the scenes of the entire voyage, which would those be?

The most beautiful experience of my life so far, I have made lifelong bonds with the beautiful girls from all round the world. I remember for first few days we all were very formal to each other but later I don’t know we became soul sisters, especially Philippines, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Thailand and Surinam. During the pageant Philippines, Norway and I use to talk in Hindi and teach others as well. I carried a lot of food from India so Spain named me food mart and Netherlands told I’ll advice all the girls to be friends with India so that you can get to eat.

Who was your closest pal in the journey of Miss Grand International?

Philippines, Netherlands, Norway


What message would you like to give to the aspiring beauty queens?

A thought inspired me long back which I would like to share, do what you feel like, according to me the most important thing, that perhaps everyone can use, is be passionate and enthusiastic in the direction that you choose in life and you will emerge as a winner.

Any message you would like to give to your fans who are reading this interview?

I would start by saying thank you all my fans and supporters for giving me strength, courage and confidence to be who I am today. You all have been there like a family who has helped me grow in every aspect. I can’t enjoy my achievements alone, I need all of you to celebrate every bit of it, I can’t handle my failures alone I want all of you to be there and hold me back, console me and encourage me…. please just be with me, Thank you.

One sentence you would like to say for The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry.

The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry has been very optimistic about us girls, you have believed in each one of us and encouraged us to do well, you have always been there no matter what.


Thanks for the interview, Vartika! Not only you have shared many inspiring episodes of your life with all of us, but have given a ray of hope to all the aspiring beauty queens that nothing is impossible with passion and dedication! Wishing you all the best for future endeavours, and adamantly hoping to see you back in other international pageants!

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