Why Should Vartika Singh Represent India at Miss Universe?

Vartika Singh: The Beacon of Hope!

The name which lightened the esteem of Indian pageantry, garnering highest placement of India amongst all international pageants in 2015, is the beacon of hope! Vartika Singh, the name which needs no introduction. The beauty represented India at Miss Grand International 2015 and earned the second runner up position at the same.


As gleaming as her personality, Vartika’s performance at Miss Grand International was one to watch for! She is the first Indian lady to place in Miss Grand International pageant.  The diva began her pageantry voyage in 2014 when she participated in Miss Diva 2014, a pageant which sends its winner to Miss Universe. During Miss Diva 2014, Vartika bagged the subtitle of Miss Photogenic and placed as a Top 7 finalist.

She was a huge favorite of Indian pageant enthusiasts and experts, who back then wanted to see Vartika again shining in pageantry. Vartika did not let her fans down, and once again combated for the title of Femina Miss India in 2015 to prove her invincible prowess. With her immense power, charisma and charm, Vartika not only won three significant subtitles of Femina Miss India by bagging Miss Photogenic, Best National Costume and Beauty with a Purpose, but also won the crown of Miss Grand India.


Celebrated for her convivial personality, Vartika was someone who has made such a huge splash with such little resources in a city like Lucknow. Vartika weaved dreams which were very difficult to accomplish at that time and place, a fact which makes one evolve more respect for her! In an interview, Vartika revealed that a year back she did not even knew to walk in heels! Who would ever believe that now? For she was now slaying every one with her mesmerizing runway skills and outstanding photoshoots!

Vartika Singh has been part of her state Uttar Pradesh World Bank’s Health Care Project. She has been awarded by Uttar Pradesh government for her initiatives to nutrition and health of women and children and having promoted digital literacy. She is also the face of “Mera Lucknow” Project and believes in the non violence ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.

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Vartika knows to play with her attire blending it with her vivacious aura at the stage. She walks like an angel, gliding gracefully at the ramp, making the audience spellbound with her beautiful personality. The effervescent smile which she owns is her biggest asset. Be it swimsuit or the evening gown round, Vartika has enjoyed and lived her moment with ultimate grace, elegance and spry.

Now coming back to the question, why should Vartika represent India at Miss Universe? Vartika Singh could be the best choice of India for Miss Universe right now. While many other nations have crowned their respective delegates for Miss Universe, India still is lagging behind. Winning Miss Universe or even earning a placement at Miss Universe is not a day affair. It involves extensive training sessions, headstrong grooming and a mental preparation for achieving the goal.


One can never win any beauty pageant within a month of crowning, and this is what precisely the Miss Diva organization fails to grasp. Although in its three years of inception, Miss Diva has given fruitful results, producing one Miss Supranational, one Miss Asia Pacific, one Miss Universe Top 10 placement and one Miss Universe Top 15 placement, but the crown is yet out of reach. If Miss Diva Universe organization is yet again planning on to have the pageant after July, then sending the winner of Miss Diva 2016 to Miss Universe 2017 would be a rather wise decision, for it will allow the lady to undergo extensive training and prepare herself adequately for the biggest pageant like Miss Universe. Hence, the question again comes back to same place, who is the best choice to represent India at Miss Universe 2016?

Vartika Singh has a huge fan following across the globe, and of course for the genuine reasons! Seeing the current criteria of Miss Universe under WME and IMG, one can clearly assert that the emphasis is on a good and amiable personality, who can be the spokesperson of the organization in the paramount way! The delegate should be modelesque, beautiful and appealing in both print media and on the runway. Vartika has already gained good international experience after competing at Miss Grand International, and the Miss Diva organization must reward the worthy woman with a deserving platform.


After India’s bleakest performance in 2015, if Vartika comes as a savior, her presence would certainly be worth it. Vartika Singh is an idol to all the aspiring beauty queens, and if her resolute mind is given a chance she will show the world her prowess to reign over the universe! What do you think about Vartika Singh being India at Miss Universe 2016? Should Miss Diva organization allow Vartika Singh to compete at Miss Universe 2016?

Vagisha Mishra

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