Birthday Special: The Success Story of Megan Young

Miss World 2013, Megan Young Is A Luminous Soul 

Megan Young is an eternal name in the history of Philippines. She was born to rule the world, and she eventually did in 2013. When Megan entered the world of glitz, glamour, shutterbugs and paparazzi, she was appealed by her numerous fans to join Binibining Pilipinas, the diva kept on hearing the requests made by her fans patiently, assuring them she will think about it.

Megan was raised in Virginia, United States of America, where she lived until the age of 10. She has appeared on countless Filipino television shows and has even been a prominent TV host. Young was a member of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and is now a contract artist under GMA Network.


A Digital Film Making student, Megan is a big techno savy and loves to spend her time with video games. Young is a marathon runner and fitness enthusiast. She is also an avid boxer and has been taking boxing lessons ever since she started the sport.

Right before joining Miss World Philippines 2013, Megan was busy in her school. Also her topless photoshoots did not gulped down well with many people, and she was protested by many pageant enthusiasts while joining Miss World pageant. But Megan abandoned all the negativities, following her heart honestly and adamantly.


Megan Young, who is a “Starstruck” alumna and once a Kapamilya and Kapatid, joined the Miss World Philippines 2013 after all hullabaloos. It was her first time to be introduced during the pageant’s launch at the Solaire Resort & Casino in Paranaque City. She was wearing the pageant’s official two-piece swimsuit and was named as the candidate number 20.

While interacting with the press, she admitted of being nervous when she walked the runway. It was her first time to wear a skimpy bathing suit. Usually, Young just wears a one-piece suit or a top and a sarong. However, Young said it was a different kind of confidence when you know there are people supporting you in the crowd. Nevertheless, the actress got the loudest of cheers when she walked the runway.


Young also revealed that she was supposed to join the contest next year, but she decided to give it a try now because she is already 23 years old. Because of this decision, the actress had to give up a lot of showbiz commitments, no wonder it was all worth it! Megan added that it has always been her dream to join the pageant. She said her sister, Lauren, and their brother, are all supporting her decision. She told the paparazzi that she is very confident as she has got the support of her friends and family even if she wins or not.

During the Miss World Philippines 2013 contest, many pageant followers believed that she might not win it all but she can certainly win the Miss Congeniality award because she has the bubbliest personality. But Megan bagged numerous titles like Best in Fashion Runway, Miss Sports by Fila, Miss World Laguna, Miss Bold and Glamorous by Revlon, Miss Olay and Miss Bench Body, along with becoming Miss World Philippines 2013.


Megan Young belongs to the most esteemed beauty pageant camp of Philippines, the Aces and Queens, which is headed by the very devoted personality, Jonas Gaffud. Jonas Gaffud was always apprehensive about training girls for Miss World since it has always been an obscure pageant for Philippines since its inception and Filipinos were more engrossed with Miss Universe than Miss World. Gaffud could not offer a Miss World winner to Philippines very soon, despite of his unwavering dedication and uphill struggle, though he adorned his nation with Mafae Yunon who was a top 5 finalist at Miss World 2003 and Gwen Ruais who stood as first runner up at Miss World 2011.

By now, Gaffud was guaranteed that Miss World demands a charming and serene personality who has an unassailable presence. It was 2011, when Gaffud approached Megan Young to join Bb. Pilipinas, but unfortunately she could not make that happen because of her commitments and priorities in other projects. One day in 2012, she messaged Gaffud that she is enthusiastic to participate in Miss World Philippines 2013, which she eventually won. When Megan joined Aces and Queens she was told to improve her runway skills, and when she won the Top Model fastrack event at Miss World 2013, Gaffud was awestruck with pleasant surprise.

Megan during her stay at Miss World 2013 always kept the Aces and Queens camp updated with her whereabouts through skype. Even despite of consistently getting first place at hotpicks by almost all the pageant experts, Megan would confide in to the Aces and Queens team to seek interview tips, or even nominal recommendations regarding her earrings or shade of lipsticks.

During the preliminaries, she also won the “Top Model” competition, placed second in the “People’s Champion,” placed fourth in the “Multimedia Challenge” and fifth in the “Beach Beauty” contest.


The grand finale approached finally and the Aces and Queens camp went to Bali, Indonesia to show their full fledged support to their queen, Megan Young. The stress for Jonas Guffud was such that he ran to the farthest toilet after the top 5 finalists were announced so that, he could not hear the crowd. And then the rest is history! Philippines finally had its first Miss World crown.

During the final question and answer round of Miss World 2013, Megan was asked, “Why should you be the next Miss World?” to which the humble, gracious and effervescent beauty replied with utmost humility, “Miss World for me treasures the core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other! As one, we can help society!”


Megan earnestly followed her mother’s preaching that “One can never go wrong with the kindness”, and this kindness not just won the hearts of the audience witnessing the beauty across the globe, but also the jury panel of Miss World 2013, which eventually made Megan win the first Miss World crown for her motherland, Philippines.

Megan defeated the women from 126 countries to win the coveted title of Miss World 2013. On winning the crown, while her crowning moment, the beauty could not suppress her emotions and the tears rolled down her cheeks while recognizing the surreal moment. When asked how does she feels to be called as “Miss World 2013”, the newly crowned Miss World ran out of words, and while weeping out her tears could only say: “ As Miss World! Oh! It’s insane to hear me say that! I promise to be the best Miss World ever. Thank you so much for crowning me, it really means a lot to me.”

The diva won the first Miss World crown for her nation, Philippines after 63 years. Megan was evidently emotional after the big announcement, covering her mouth with her hands and smiling uncontrollably.

indonesia-world (1).jpg

After her crowning, Megan travelled to England, France, United States, Haiti, Indonesia, China, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Russia, India, Barbados, Spain, Sweden, Colombia and the Philippines for fulfilling her philanthropic duties as Miss World.

The beauty was praised so much by the Miss World organization, that they decided to prolong Megan’s contract for two more years, whereby Megan Young also served as a host during the grand finale of Miss World 2014 and Miss World 2015.


She is doing so great so far, and a lot more is bound to knock her luminous door. On her birthday, I extend Megan hearty congratulations for all the feats she has accomplished so far, and best wishes not just for her birthday but also for the years to come by! Happy Birthday Megan! Keep up that magnificent smile, and keep shining the way you do!

Vagisha Mishra


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