The Sturdy Persona of Femina Miss India 2016- Elizabeth Thadikaran [INTERVIEW]

Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Thadikaran, Femina Miss India Bangalore 2016 First Runner Up

Elizabeth Thadikaran, who made huge waves in the gigantic ocean of India’s biggest pageant, Femina Miss India 2016 when she was crowned as first runner up in Femina Miss India Bangalore 2016, is one of the strongest frontrunner for the title of Miss World India.

South India has adorned India with many strong women like Parvathy Omanakuttan, who bagged Miss World 2008 first runner up title. After seeing Elizabeth’s charming persona, mesmerizing demeanor and eloquent mind, if she walks home with the title of Miss World India 2016, adding another star to South India’s victory in Indian pageantry, it shall not come as a surprise.


Elizabeth Thadikaran is a dental student presently and has won silver medal in the national swimming competition and bronze medal in state level athletic competition. A sport and philanthropy enthusiast, Elizabeth completely fits in the bill of a Miss World delegate. Even prior to joining Femina Miss India 2016 Elizabeth has visited many rural areas to supply medical facilities and create awareness about sanitation.

As a pageant veteran, Elizabeth has won Hairomax Miss Kerala 2011, Pegasus Miss South India 2011 1st runner up, Miss Navy Queen, 2010, Miss India Worldwide -Canada 2015 1st runner up and her latest feat being Miss India Bangalore 2016 1st runner up.


In an interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Elizabeth Thadikaran shares her deepest concerns with regard to Femina Miss India 2016 participation, her goal of representing India at Miss World 2016 and her dreams encircling her venture in the Miss India pageant. Find out what’s in Elizabeth’s mind for her forthcoming voyage at Miss World India 2016 pageant.

  1. Hello, Elizabeth! Firstly, heartiest congratulations for winning the first runner up position at Femina Miss India Bangalore 2016. How are you enjoying your triumph?

Thank you so much! It feels amazing and so gratifying! I treated myself to a lovely massage and came down Cochin to spend some quality time with the family.  🙂

  1. The Miss India titleholders from South India have made India immensely proud, the last example being Parvathy Omanakuttan from Kerala itself. Can we expect Miss India crown going to South India through you this time?

Wouldn’t I love that! Representing Kerala itself for a year was a very gratifying and a humbling experience one that I will never forget. Further if I am able to reach out to the entire nation on a much bigger platform that would be even more empowering. Let’s see what’s in store!

  1. How are you preparing for the forthcoming journey of Femina Miss India 2016? What are your prime agendas?

At this point according to me, more than anything else it’s about believing in yourself a 100 percent, loving who you are and what you do, knowing why you are here and staying mentally strong!! That said, fitness, eating right and planning ahead is also crucial and shouldn’t take a backseat!

  1. As Miss World now a day is extensively intricate, keenly assessing ladies on Talent, Top Model, Charity projects and Sports, how are you preparing yourself for this pageant?

Well while brushing up on my talent round, I also go running and swimming to stay in shape. My beauty with a purpose project is also in the works and that keeps me busy 🙂 I love every bit of it.

  1. What will your Beauty with a Purpose project reflect? Please give us an insight to your chief idea of the project.

My beauty with a purpose project reflects the struggles faced by differently-abled children, mentally and physically, on a day to day basis. The struggles being the ones that I have seen on a daily basis in my profession – dentistry and various projects on how to make life easier and less traumatizing for them. 🙂

  1. If given a chance to represent India at Miss World, how would you represent India at the international platform? What picture of India would you like to showcase?

I would represent the vibrant and diverse cultures of India and show the world what a strong and beautiful country we have!

  1. Who has been your most adored beauty queen till date?

Sushmita Sen hands down! The perfect blend of beauty with brains, she set the benchmark for all pageant aspirants thereon. 🙂

  1. Which incident or person made your drive to join beauty pageants stronger? When did you realize that beauty pageants are totally your cup of tea?

Haha both incident and person actually, the incident being taking part in my very first pageant Navy queen as part of a challenge set up by my family and cousins. It was definitely a turning point in life that opened my eyes to the opportunities in modeling. From there on, it was the constant encouragement and motivation from my sister Tanya which has led to me reach where I am today. 🙂

  1. You have already won Miss Kerala 2011 and pageant is not a new challenge to you. Do you think this fact gives you an edge over other contestants?

Femina Miss India has always been my dream and to be able to realize it so closely is an achievement in itself. I go into every pageant with the same focus, zeal and passion as the others. If you assume that you have an edge over others, you have already lost half the plot!

  1. While only two state pageants have been concluded yet, presenting six winners in all, who do you think is your strongest competitor?

Well I think all the girls that have been selected are amazing and very gifted in terms of intellect, beauty and personality. I’m sure all of them would prove to be very tough competitors!

  1. One sentence you would like to say for The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and your fans.

To all my fans out there! Thank you so much for your constant support, constructive criticism and most importantly, the belief you guys have in me. See you in Mumbai 🙂 🙂 Much love ❤ Elizabeth.


That was a beautiful conversation, Elizabeth. Thank you for providing your precious time for this interview. With that suave attitude, intellectual persona and modest aura, you can definitely be the next Miss World India. All the very best, Elizabeth for this adventurous voyage of Miss World India 2016. May the journey be as pleasant as you dreamt to be!




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