The Lady Who Almost Won Miss Supranational 2015- Siera Bearchell

Miss Supranational Canada 2015- Siera Bearchell is a Star! 

Two months ago the world witnessed the 7th edition of Miss Supranational which concluded on December 4th, 2015 in Krakow, Poland with Miss Paraguay, Stephania Stegman’s win. Finishing as first runner up was Miss Supranational Canada, Siera Bearchell.

Siera Bearchell with her ocean like mesmerizing eyes, breathtaking stage presence, outstanding composure and magnificent grace not just ensnared the jury but also the audience observing her charm worldwide. Siera was one of my top bets for the crown, and her first runner up finish did not come as a surprise to me. In fact, her allure was so magnetic that I felt she deserved to be at Miss Universe or Miss World stage. Her polished rampwalk skills and captivating smile as she graces the runway can skip million hearts skip a beat.

However, when the beauty was asked about her participation in pageants in near future, the diva managed to answer with humility in following words: “It’s been one month since the Final Night of Miss Supranational. I’ve been asked by family, friends and pageant fans if I will compete in another pageant, namely, Miss Universe Canada. My answer: I’m not sure. I have a few other goals and dreams on my pathway right now, but never say never. My biggest fear in NOT competing in a pageant again is that one day I may look back and say, “What if?” I’ve always said that it’s better the give something a shot and chase the dream, because even if you “fail,” you are a better person because you tried. As the old saying goes, we often regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did.”

Ann Sidney.jpg

The 22 years old beauty, Siera is not new to pageantry. She was once a contestant in Miss Universe Canada 2013. In 2009, Siera was crowned Miss Teen Saskatchewan and Miss Teen Canada-World in the same year but unfortunately she lost her home and belongings to a devastating fire.

The lean, tall and fierce, Siera Bearchell stands 5’8″ tall and hails from Moose Jaw, SK. An epitome of ideal student, Siera has always led an active life outside of school, from athletics to countless hours volunteering for organizations like “Free The Children”, “Canadian Red Cross”, and “Ronald McDonald House Saskatchewan”. She was the Valedictorian at her high school graduation with the highest academic average and received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. She was also working on an autobiography.

Siera has attended the University of Saskatchewan on a full scholarship with an eye on the business world. Siera aims to motivate, authorize and revolutionize the lives of people around the world. After traveling to Kenya, Africa to build a school with “Free The Children”, Siera discovered the significance education has on one’s life.

Siera is a good orator and began speaking out on topics like the importance of education and youth leadership. She had the incredible opportunity to speak to 16,000 youth at “We Day” in Toronto. Taking her leadership to another level, Siera became the President of a Junior Achievement Company that eventually became Company of the Year in Saskatchewan and later Company of the Year in Canada.

Siera was the top salesperson contributing to the company’s sales of over $15,000 in just three months. Siera was eventually named Junior Achiever of the Year and won the nation-wide Deloitte Inspiration Award and the Peter Mansbridge Youth Leaderhip Award. Siera was also recently named one of “Moose Jaw’s Top 40” Under 40.

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A sports freak, Siera enjoys running, yoga and promotes physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Siera believes that with dedication, passion and courage, anything is possible and looking at her it is certainly applaudable as she is not merely a pageant patty beauty queen but also a law student, an entrepreneur, a business owner of “Watered Down Apparel”.

Do you believe Siera should come back in pageants and if yes which pageant do you want to see Siera competing in?

Vagisha Mishra

Information Source- Miss Universe Canada Official Website

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