Cara McCollum Miss New Jersey 2013 Passes Away

Cara McCollum Rests in Peace

The very beautiful, vivacious and feisty Cara McCollum is now no more in this world. Cara met a stern car accident on 15th February 2016, as a result of which she could not cope the severity of the injuries done to her body. She passed away on 22nd February 2016 at 4:31 AM.


The news of her death was reported by Cara McCollum’s family on the Facebook handle, where the family expressed the grief in following words:

“Thank you all for this tremendous outpouring of love and support for our Cara. We can’t begin to tell you how much your prayers have meant to us in this incredibly difficult time. Cara passed away this morning. Her family was with her in the operating room, and she died peacefully at 4:31am. Before she died, Cara made the selfless decision to donate her organs. At this very moment, she is saving lives. We’ve prayed constantly for a miracle, and we believe God has answered our prayers. Although it’s not the miracle that we first envisioned, it’s a miracle nonetheless. In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Please accept our sincerest thanks for your heartfelt prayers. We all will miss her now that she’s gone.”


24 years old beauty queen, Cara McCollum was critically injured when her convertible spun off the highway in New Jersey and hit multiple trees before stopping at an embankment. As per the sources, police believe that she may be driving quite fast on dicey roads, and drugs or alcohol were not involved. After the accident, McCollum was found wearing a seatbelt, however the airbags did deploy.


Cara’s family also added that she erstwhile decided to donate her organs, and that they are extremely proud of her. The family wrote: “Before she died, Cara made the selfless decision to donate her organs. At this very moment, she is saving lives.”

Cara was a well distinguished anchor at SNJ Today, and of course her death has grieved the team as well. The SNJ extended condolences to her family as they wrote on their social media handle: “The entire SNJ Today family extends its condolences to the many loyal viewers, colleagues, friends and family of Cara McCollum. Whether you had the privilege of knowing her or if you enjoyed her newscasts during her all too brief time with us, you know that her smile, determination and sincerity made her a beloved individual. Cara showed warmth to everyone she met. She was a part of our news team family and we are gratified to have worked with her – even for such a short time. We will miss her terribly.”


Her demise was also mourned upon by the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie as he tweeted his sympathies.


A native of Arkansas, McCollum graduated from Princeton University in 2015. She won the title of Miss New Jersey in 2013, and later represented her state in the Miss America pageant. She will forever stay in our hearts as the wonderful queen, deep and heartfelt condolences to Cara’s friends and family. May she rest in peace.



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