Rajkanya Baruah Might Be A History Maker in Femina Miss India 2016 [INTERVIEW]

An Exclusive Interview With Rajkanya Baruah- Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016

Guwahati born, Rajkanya Baruah, who is now the second confirmed finalist after winning Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016, started her modelling career at the age of 17. An MBA in International Business Marketing and HR, Rajkanya loves dancing, travelling, reading and cooking. Rajkanya also holds a Visharad in Bharatnatyam and has proficiency in western dance forms.

As a part of her Beauty with a Purpose project, she is conducting seminars in schools, colleges and other institutions to aware people of her intiative #ClickSafe campaign and apprising everyone of the risks. Rajkanya has participated in various pageants formerly and is not new to the world of pageantry. She was the second runner up in the Eclectic Model Hunt 2010. She also won the second runner up title in Miss Fresh Face of Northeast 2010. She was among the Top 10 Finalists of NDTV Kingfisher Calendar Girl Hunt 2012.

Rajkanya Baruah 1

Rajkanya has also done cameo roles in few Bollywood movies apart from acting in television soaps of various regional channels of Assam. Rajkanya was an official model for the official website and catalogue of international lingerie brand Triumph. She was the brand ambassador for VLCC’s northeastern region campaign. Besides, she has also done TVCs for Bindass and MTV promo ads. She has been the cover girl for many prominent regional magazines. Rajkanya has walked in over fifty ramp shows and has done numerous photo shoots.

Rajkanya crowning pic

Lately, I got the chance to interview this exquisite beauty, wherein she revealed many fascinating aspects of her life. Have a look!

  1. Hello Rajkanya, firstly heartiest congratulations on winning Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016. How does it feel to be the early confirmed finalists for Femina Miss India World 2016?

Thank you so much! I am exhilarated to be the confirmed finalist for the Femina Miss India World 2016 pageant. After jumping up and down for some time with my prized possession, the crown, I realized I am bestowed with the responsibility of fulfilling not just my dream but the dreams of all the people of east India who are waiting eagerly to have the very first Femina Miss India crown for Northeast India! People expect a lot from me, their expectations fuels my motivation.

  1. Was winning Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016 very tough? How did you prepare yourself for this challenge?

Nothing in life comes easy; nothing in life I believe is served to you on a platter. Working hard for it is the only way out to achieve something in life. Likewise, winning Miss India Kolkata 2016 wasn’t a cakewalk. It was challenging as all the participants were exceptionally good in their own way. It’s only natural to feel intimidated amongst so many gorgeous women, but I never let my confidence down and always believed in myself and in my capabilities to perform the best. I was just being myself; the best version of myself. So although it was challenging, I was prepared as I know I can handle tough situations
and know how to make the best with whatever life throws at me!

  1. Please share some moments of the finale night of Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016. Were you nervous that night, or were you pretty confident of your splendor?
    Being a little nervous is only legit because I was confident but not overconfident. I was confident because I believed in myself, my dreams and in my capabilities. The word that describes me best is amiable because I am fond of making friends with a lot of people. And with my new found friends, the finale night although was very hectic but it was actually very fun and interesting for me backstage. I realized so much is put into pulling out a great show. One moment from the finale night: After the
    final question answer round, I remember when I was consoling Sushmita backstage when she was missing her father; Mishmee, Pearl and all the other contestants were so happy for me that they came and hugged me after the top five question answer round. I was so nervous that I actually cried backstage before the winners were announced. Tears of joy rolled over to see my new family of friends being with me in my happiness. Loving and caring – this is what beauty queens are made of, and all the contestants there were winners in my eyes.
  1. What was the question that was asked to you during the finale?

I can never forget that question. What is your take on convicting a juvenile for a serious crime? I think juveniles cannot be treated the same way as an adult but a consequence and atonement for what’s done is important and also a correctional centre where psychologists and facilitators can work on them to rehabilitate them and help them in becoming a better human being that the world needs them to be. This was my opinion to the question which was put to me by Churni Ganguli ma’am.

  1. Please give us an insight to your Beauty With a Purpose Project?

My ‘Beauty With A Purpose Project’ is a very sensitive issue: Cyber Security Awareness. It’s a universal issue in today’s Internet age. The awareness level is very low in our country and lower in Northeast
India. I am running a campaign #ClickSafe in Northeast India as a part of my initiative. I now have a Facebook page “Cyber Crime Awareness Squad” and I am conducting seminars in schools, colleges and other institutions as a part of my #ClickSafe campaign. A lot of people are involving in the initiative which includes cyber security experts, cyber law lawyers etc. I am trying to gather as many people I can to support my cause. This initiative will help route Cyber Crime complaints to the right people and also assist in victim counseling. All this is being updated on the Facebook page. Please like and share
it – www.facebook.com/CyberCrimeAwarenessSquad/

Rajkanya-Miss India East

  1. Are you looking forward for Femina Miss India 2016 to kick off?

Totally waiting for it to kick start so that I can kick myself off from my home and halt my brakes once I reach my destined destination..!

  1. How are you preparing yourself for the challenges that are waiting for you at the door of Femina Miss India 2016?

With an open arm… just kidding.. Preparing myself both mentally, physically and emotionally to the journey that lies ahead between me and the crown. I am learning how to handle stress by circulating good vibes and positivity in me all throughout the day. I have realized I perform better when I am under pressure and I have learnt to use the challenges as opportunity to bring out the best in me. I firmly believe that after every storm the sun shines and every storm in your life is followed by a rainbow. So I am well prepared to sail my ship through all the challenges that are waiting for me at the dock of Femina Miss India 2016 and see the crown as the rainbow after my stormy sail.

  1. Who is your ideal beauty queen and why?

My ideal beauty queen is a woman who is worthy to be emulated not only because of her beauty, body, wit and talent but because of her genuine personality. It is because for me a beauty queen is a source of inspiration and one can really be an inspiration if she knows how to keep her feet on the ground, deal with others without prejudice and be thankful for what she has achieved. And all the beauty queens I
believe possesses all these qualities.

  1. If you go on to win Femina Miss India 2016, what would be your next agendas? How would you represent India at international platform?

If I win, my first agenda will be to extend my gratitude to all for the love and support and for believing in me. I will start preparing for the international pageant so that I can keep that faith alive in me. I also believe that the Femina Miss India Pageant goes beyond just being a beautiful woman that we all know we are. It comes with a responsibility, with a right attitude to go beyond the physical aspects and garner awareness in the world about all the issues that need to be addressed to make not just us but also the world a beautiful place! It’s giving the word beautiful a whole new meaning and breaking stereotypes. I truly believe that an Indian women representing India at an international platform; be it me or anyone else who is worthy; will have the sensitivity, the aptitude and the charisma to make a paradigm shift in the world.

Rajkanya Baruah 4

  1. One sentence you would like to say for The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and your fans.
    To shine like the sun, you have to burn like one – that’s a quote which I hold very dear to me. I would like to extend my love and gratitude to each one of you for the love and support. I am me because of you all! Please keep the love and support and help me in making this journey our journey to the coveted crown of Miss India World 2016 so that I fulfill all of your dreams of bringing the Blue Crown home. Thank you Kaleidoscope of Pageantry for giving us the voice for our thoughts to reach out to so many people through you.

Thank you for this interview, Rajkanya! You are definitely the pride of North East India, and hold the prowess to write a history of being the first Miss India from north East India. Wish you all the very best for the coming journey of Femina Miss India 2016.

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