An Inspiring Journey Of Shinata Sangha [INTERVIEW]

An Insightful Interview of The Esteemed Pageant Guru- Shinata Sangha

If you are a passionate Indian pageant follower, this name needs no introduction. Shinata Sangha, who is the guiding angel of Indian pageantry has managed to win not only beauty queens’ hearts by mentoring them on the right alleyway, but has also inspired many pageant followers to assess beauty pageants on minute factors.


From winning numerous beauty pageants, to being named as The World’s Most Beautiful TS for three consecutive years 2010 to 2012 she has certainly tasted the essence of success, acknowledgment and fame. Shinata has also graced the cover page of many prominent magazines, and is a remarkable personality today. Lately, I interviewed this stunning diva wherein she revealed some of her gracious incidents and twists and twirls of her life. Have a look!

  1. Shinata Sangha now is a celebrated name in the world of pageants. How far have you come in this decade? Please share your past life insightful episodes with us.

In the last decade I have achieved so much from winning Miss Glamour Queen United Kingdom 2006 (where it all started) Miss Mango Tree International 2007, to Miss Alternative London 2007, Outstanding special achievement award Queen of Nations 2007,Tgirl of the year 2008, and being runner up in several other pageants to gracing the front covers of many magazines. It all started off as a dream which I thought was impossible what slowly became a reality I truly feel blessed, I have so much more to do before I sleep, this is not the end it’s only the start, I’m so grateful and thankful to each and every single one of you who have supported and followed my journey and continue to do so, the love I have received from everyone is overwhelming and strives me to do even more. On a personal level I think I have become more poised, graceful, wise, mature and humble, where as a decade ago I was very immature, childish which is all natural and apart of life when you are a 16 year old college kid growing up, I entered showbiz at a very young age only 16 and things happened so quick I won my first beauty pageant (Miss Glamour Queen United Kingdom 2006) and appeared in many magazines and newspapers 3 weeks before my 17th Birthday, but over time with more life experiences I grew as a person to become more sincere, humble, grounded down to earth, outgoing and friendly.

  1. You were named as The World’s Most Beautiful TS for three consecutive years 2010, 2011, 2012 in prominent British Magazines where you also graced the front cover of all three. How does it feel to taste this feat of success?

It was a great matter of pride and honor, a milestone which happened so quick in my career, I feel humbled and blessed, I am happy that it raised more awareness and visibility also for the South Asian especially the Indian LGBT Community. Where there is still a lack of awareness and a huge stigma which needs to be tackled with. People are so judgmental and backward in their thinking, Society needs to be more accepting and tolerant and let people live their life’s the way they wish, desire and want to.I wish society would accept us as human beings and let us live in peace and harmony; we deserve to be treated with respect as equals without being judged on our sexual preferences, gender, race, color of our skin, creed or walk of life we come from.

  1. You have been constantly grooming and mentoring aspiring Indian beauty queens along with the winners of Miss India, what made you so attached to India even when you have spent your entire life abroad?

Actually I am British Born and bred, with Anglo-Indian blood, many think I was born in India and moved abroad however I was born and raised in England; my Grandparents came to England in the 60’s for a better future. Thou I am British born and bred, I have always felt a strong connection to India, I have never forgot the Indian valuesand traditions my parents have envied in me, I have never forgot my desi roots. When I was 6, I first ever watched a beauty pageant, it was Miss World 1996 held in Bangalore, India, I was in awe seeing so many beautiful girls with different color hair, skin tone and eyes sashaying down the ramp in those beautiful ball gowns looking like real life princess’s and Barbie dolls. This is exactly where my dream of becoming a Beauty Queen began. My ultimate dream was to win Femina Miss India World and then Miss World. The reason why I wanted to become a Miss India was because I fell in love with Miss India World 1996 Rani Jayrej who later was 3rd runner up Miss World and also won Best Spectacular designer evening gown award and Queen of Asia Oceana title, she is the first ever Miss India I saw on TV and knew about. I loved her elegance, poise and how graceful she was. I became instantly hooked with pageants and witnessed India’s glorious years and saw India winning Miss World 1997, 1999, 2000, Miss Universe 2000, Miss Asia Pacific 2000, Miss Intercontinental 1997, Mrs. World 2001, Miss Tourism International 2001, Manhunt International 2001, Mr. International 2000 and 2002 and various other pageants. India was at its peak on top of its game, to see India go downhill in pageantry has been heartbreaking because growing up India was always winning and I wanted to help make a difference for the country who I always admired in pageantry for the past 20 years of my life. This is what made me so attached to India and Indian pageantry and exactly why I wanted to help Indian beauty queens retain the winning success and glory it once had. I have done so much research on Indian pageantry that now I am like an encyclopedia of Indian Pageantry.


  1. You advised Nicole Faria to change her finale gown, and then as we know rest is history! She won India’s first Miss Earth crown. Your fashion sense, perception of pageants is crystal clear. Wheredid it begin from?

I loved fashion ever since I was a little kid, I remember playing with Barbie dolls and using my grandmothers loose fabric material to make garments for the dolls, my grandma loved sewing there was always fabric and loose material laying around. I have always been very creative and artistic, I knew since childhood I always wanted to join the fashion world or showbiz. I grew up watching Fashion TV, so I always knew about the latest trends, all the top designers etc. As a child I always drew sketches of women in beautiful garments. Even till date my dream is to go to London School of Fashion and Arts and do a degree in Fashion, who knows maybe one day I may even launch my own Fashion and clothing lineJ.

  1. You look absolutely ravishing from head to toe! How do you manage to look so beautiful? What is your fitness regime?

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I surround myself with positive people and avoid negativity and negative people. When you surround yourself with positive people and thoughts beautiful things happen, which make you a happier and positive person; this is what makes you beautiful from outside and within. That’s my mantra!

  1. The glory of India is declining day by day in pageantry. What are the possible reasons behind this decline in your opinion?How should the pattern of Miss India change in the present scenario? What are the changes you are eager to witness in the coming Miss India editions?

In 2015 Femina Miss India removed the live swimwear round during the finals because Miss World eliminated the Beach Fashion/Beauty fast track event, however Femina should keep this round bearing in mind that the runner up’s still represent India at International pageants and having a killer lean, toned body is a must. There have been many mistakes in the past where Femina Miss India had sent winners with terrible bodies and they went unplaced. I also think more training and grooming needs to happen, international experts should be called, the pageant should be shifted to an earlier date, Miss Diva is held in late October with Miss Universe starting 1st week of December giving the Miss Diva winner barely 5 weeks to train and groom for the international pageant, whereas countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico are selected 1 year prior giving them over 1 year to train and groom for Miss Universe, this is why they are tasting success and India isn’t, It all comes down to lack of training and grooming. I also feel our girls lack glamour, the hair, makeup and wardrobe, styling needs to be worked on, sometimes our girls look outdated like they are still stuck in the 90’s. India needs to stop trying to clone past winners like Priyanka Chopra or Lara Dutta, each girl needs to develop and have her own personality to stand out. I noticed in 2014 and 2015 our representatives for Miss World were not in the top 20 for interview round, whereas Indian beauties were known to be well spoken, articulate and known for their excellent communication skills in the 90s, this is an area which needs to be worked on immediately with personality development, speech and diction classes and public speaking sessions. There is far too much importance on Bollywood, the judges consist of members from the Bollywood film industry where as in the 90s and early 2000 Femina Miss India organization had international panel of judges including international designers Roberto Cavalli, Anand John, Zandra Rhodes, Carolina Herrera, Marcus Swarovski International supermodel Cindy Crawford etc where there was also a live judging score for the audience to view. When you have an international panel of judges they will look for a beauty who will appeal to the international market, where as when you have a panel of judges who consist of members from only Bollywood they will look for a face who will appeal to the Indian market and do well in Bollywood films, but this is not a casting for a Bollywood film we are looking for an International beauty queen from India who can potentially win Miss World or Miss Universe. When you go for an international pageant all the judges are not going to be Indian are they?


  1. What message would you like to give to the aspiring beauty queens?

Always show gratitude, be confident, genuine, sincere,humble, down to earth and friendly.When you become a Beauty Queen you become an ambassador off goodwill, peace and harmony you are on a platform where you can voice and view your opinion and make a difference, your voice will be heard, you will be a role model to many young girls who will look up to you and aspire to be like you. There is no time for bitchiness or arrogance, being arrogant and stuck up can ruin everything, beyourself, stay grounded, fate and destiny can change anytime. Never forget your roots or who you are, don’t fake it be real, most importantly be kind, it doesn’t hurt to be kind, kindness takes you a long way in life. A beauty queen should always be kind and gracious in success and defeat.

  1. One sentence you would like to say for The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry?

You are doing an amazing job keeping pageantry alive with fans worldwide, keep up the great and good work, I loveyour dedication, passion and informativeposts, I read them religiously, good luck and best wishes for the future lots of love ShinataSangha, kisses xxx


Thank you so much for this interview, Shinata! You are an incredible role model to all the aspiring beauty queens and having guided the beauty queens like a prodigy. You are the beaming star, whom Femina Miss India organization should definitely take note of! I wish you all the best for all your endeavors!

If you wish to follow Shinata Sangha’s journey, these are the links to her various social media handles.






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