Sushmita Roy- The Eloquent Diva of Femina Miss India 2016 [ INTERVIEW ]

An Exclusive Interview with Femina Miss India Kolkata Runner Up, Sushmita Roy

If you call this beauty an exemplar of humbleness, poise and eloquence, she certainly fits the bill. Winning first runner up position at Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016 was not a cakewalk, but Sushmita Roy with her hard work, uphill struggle and determination proved that one can never go wrong with their passion.

Sushmita Roy’s dream of becoming Miss India is not a new bud!Right from the childhood she has aspired to hold the flag of India at Miss World and her family has assisted her beautifully as she has walked the tough alleyway. In a recent interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Sushmita unfolded many saccharine moments of her life before me! Have a look at her eloquent and overwhelming words, I am sure her ideas will definitely bring a wonderful smile on your face.


  1. Hello Sushmita, congratulations for winning a runner up position in the nail biting pageant of Miss Kolkata 2016. How are you enjoying your victory?

Thank You very much for your appreciation, I feel so grateful for this beautiful opportunity. I am celebrating my victory by working even harder for fbb Femina Miss India 2016 and yes I am enjoying this journey a lot.

  1. What were the factors which made you stand as the Top 3 winner of Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016?

My immense faith in God, my family’s constant support and my very optimistic and hardworking nature has really helped me to shine bright.

  1. How did you prepared for the coveted state pageant? What challenges did you faced while competing for the pageant?

I prepared myself in every possible aspect. I worked out regularly and followed a healthy and balanced diet. I also kept my mind focused with meditation which helped me to remain very calm and patient throughout the pageant. We were also being trained by the Miss India Organisation during the city pageant which was indeed very helpful. I am someone who sees challenges as opportunities to grow stronger . So even if I faced any challenge during the pageant I strongly believed that it was there to strengthen me and bring the best out of me.

  1. Please share your emotions during the finale night with us. Were you anxious, nervous, happy to go lucky or pretty confident about yourself during the coronation night?

I was very happy and excited to be on that beautiful stage because I worked very hard to be there and wanted to enjoy every bit of that magical moment. I was a little nervous at the beginning but then I became pretty confident when I saw my family cheering for me.


  1. Which incidents in your life made your drive to join pageants stronger?

I remember watching Miss India with my family every year and the next day my Father used to collect the newspaper cuttings for me, I think that’s where this dream was born. Of course I have always been fascinated by the beautiful crowns and as I grew older I also realized that our Miss India’s  have brought so much pride and glory to our country by fulfilling their responsibilities. Even I wish to do the same and that has motivated me to join the Femina Miss India Pageant.

  1. What are your endeavors regarding the forthcoming Femina Miss India World 2016? How are you preparing for the final round of auditions?

As the final round of auditions are approaching soon, I am working very hard and don’t want to leave any stone unturned. I am very particular about everything in this pageant because I have realized that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I am working out every single day and following a healthy diet to get my body fit and strong for the pageant. I am also watching a lot of videos online to see how our past queens have made a winning impression. I am also working on my interview skills and all the sub contests. There is actually so much to be done and I am enjoying every bit of it.

  1. If you go on to win this pageant, how would you represent India at an international platform?

Wearing the sash of India at Miss World has always been a dream. If I am lucky enough to get this opportunity I will try and make a positive impact in every possible way that I can just like our beauty queens did. It would be an honor for me to represent my country and its people.

  1. What qualities should a Miss India possess in order to shine in an international platform in your opinion?

Growing up watching our beauty queens I believe that a Miss India is a woman who is very elegant and most importantly very inspiring. Her words, her work, her essence inspires people to believe in themselves.

  1. Who is your ideal beauty queen? How has she inspired you to evolve as a beauty queen?

I believe that all our Miss India’s till date are beautifully unique in their own way and I am inspired by all of them. Starting from Meher Castelino, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , Priyanka Chopra , Aditi Arya , all of them have inspired me with their charisma , intelligence and the good work that they are still doing to make a difference .

  1. One sentence you would like to say for The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry.

Thank You very much for all the love and support. You have encouraged us to work harder and gave us a platform so that people get to know us better. I have been a follower of Kaleidoscope of Pageantry since a long time and would like to thank you for lifting up the spirit of Indian Pageantry. Keep loving and supporting us.

That was truly a mesmerizing conversation, Sushmita! I wish you all the very best for the enticing journey of Miss World India 2016. With that eloquent presence of mind, I am sure you are going to win million hearts.


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