Mysteries of Miss Earth Franchise

The Puzzling Franchises of Miss Earth

The franchise holders of Miss Earth have certainly blazed the pageantry world! Lately, many of the franchise holders of Miss Earth trended on the social media due to renunciation or acquirement of the Miss Earth franchise in different nations.

After Austria’s hosting of the 2015 Miss Earth Pageant, there has been pertinent engagements in its franchises all over the world. After its withdrawal few years back, Vietnam will once again compete at Miss Earth 2016 subsequent to few years of absence. Currently, Miss Earth Vietnam is leaded by its new national director, Mr. Nguyen Chien Huu and Helios Media.

Similarly, Miss Earth India’s National Director, Nikhil Anand, who acquired the franchise after Femina Miss India’s franchise was not renewed by the Board of Directors at Miss Earth, has also passed on the franchise to a Singapore based entrepreneur Pradeep Maithani and Ms. Cheryl T. Hansen of C. T. Hansen International Pte Ltd.


Formerly, the Miss Earth USA franchise rights from Evan Skow wasn’t renewed by Carousel Productions and the privilege has been given to Ms. Laura Clark, who will now work together with her team to send another USA representative at Miss Earth 2016.


After these National Directors acquired their franchise of Miss Earth in their respective nations, there is yet another change in the National Director of Miss Earth Austria. In 2016, after hosting the Miss Earth pageant in 2015, the Miss Earth Austria organization has decided to welcome its new national director. The Miss Earth rights in Austria have now been given to Ms. Silvia Schachermayer of Miss Austria Corporation, who also owns the franchise for Miss Universe and Miss World in Austria.


Meanwhile, Germany’s franchise has also been given to a new owner, Miss Germany Corporation.


Do you think the change in the national directors of the above listed nations can help them get a good placement in the coming edition of Miss Earth?


5 thoughts on “Mysteries of Miss Earth Franchise

  1. Nope! These changes in franchise holders is no guarantee that that the countries you mentioned will get good placements at Miss Earth as the presence of new NDs never equated to placements as the pageant’s very history proved to us in recent memory. Did India, Thailand, New Caledonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy and Panama among opthers placed last year? In the end of the day it is the quality of the girls that these new franchise holders will send to ME that would decide their fates.

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    • That’s true. If the new National Directors introduce some positive changes in the selection and grooming criteria, then definitely they can earn a placement, if not the results are going to be the same.


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