The Stars of Indonesia Are Luminous

Indonesia’s Outstanding Performance in Pageants Over Recent Years

Indonesia started belatedly but now is surely on the right pathway. In last few years, Indonesia has been working valiantly to attain a glorious status in the map of pageantry. The nation has placed for three consecutive times at Miss Universe, has been placing at Miss World since five consecutive years and has also marked its presence in Miss International and Miss Supranational prominently.

Puteri Indonesia, which is the biggest beauty pageant in Indonesia that sends the winner to the Miss Universe pageant, was established in 1992.  Puteri Indonesia send its delegates to Miss Universe in 1995, but by 1997, the winner was forced to withdraw from competing by Mrs. Tien Suharto, who was the wife of the late second president of the Republic of Indonesia, Suharto. Indonesia went to hibernation period for about a decade and came back to pageantry in 2004 as even stronger than former.

Puteri Indonesia 2004, Artika Sari Devi was sent to the Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand and was the only Asian to make the cut in the semi-finals that year. Indonesia went unplaced from 2006 to 2012, but since 2013, Indonesia’s graph at Miss Universe has been increasing and evolving with passing time.

In 2013, Whulandary Herman not just earned Indonesia’s first placement in the Top 16 semi-finals since its return, but also bagged the 3rd runner up position in the National Costume Round.

whulandry herman

It was just a beginning for the laudable dreamers and Indonesia’s placement streak continued for yet another year in 2014 when Elvira Devinamira Wirayanti placed for another consecutive year in Top 15 semi-finals and also won the Best National Costume award at the pageant.

elvira devinamira.jpg

2015 took Indonesia’s expectations to another level and Anindya Kusuma Putri marked third consecutive placement of the nation in semi-finals. Indonesia is yet to advance in the Top 10 and further, but looking at country’s decent performances in past three years, the days are not far when Indonesia will strut the runway as Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe.


Indonesia has also garnered a Top 10 placement at Miss International, when the very sanguine and serene beauty, Elfin Pertiwi Rappa wore the sash of Indonesia at Miss International 2014, along with bagging the Best in National Costume Award.

elfin rappa.jpg

In 2013, Indonesia attained its highest placement at Miss Supranational through Cok Istri Krisnanda Widani, who was titled as 3rd Runner Up at Miss Supranational 2013.

cok istri krisanda.jpg

On the other hand, it has been nine years since Indonesia embarked on the journey to Miss World. Since its participation, Indonesia has been consistently placing at Miss World since 2011. After a series of failures, Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi earned the very first placement for Indonesia as a Top 15 semi-finalist at Miss World 2011 after winning Beauty With A Purpose along with placing Top 11 at Miss World Talent. In the subsequent year, Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra yet again placed as Top 15 semi-finalist at Miss World 2012 after becoming 3rd Runner-up at Beauty With A Purpose, Top 40 at Miss World Beach Beauty and Top 56 at Miss World Top Model. In 2013, when the Miss World was hosted in Bali, Indonesia itself, Vania Larissa Tan took the nation to another level of triumph by earning the first Top 10 placement for her country. Vania also won Miss World Talent and placed Top 11 at Miss World Beach Beauty. Miss World 2014 was no less and Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng continued the fourth consistent placement streak of Indonesia at Miss World by placing as a Top 25 Quarter-Finalist thereby winning Beauty With a Purpose segment yet again.

The country reached its highest placement at Miss World in 2015, when Maria Harfanti took Indonesia’s sash first time to the Top 5 of Miss World pageant. Not only she won hearts but also many titles including, Miss World Asia Continental Queen of Beauty, Beauty With a Purpose along with placing as a Top 10 finalist at World Fashion Designer Dresses and a Top 13 finalist at Miss World Talent. Maria answered the final segment of Question and Answer with utmost humbleness and composure, thereby attaining the first runner up title for her nation becoming the 2nd Runner Up at Miss World 2015.

maria harfanti

The first Miss Indonesia Earth pageant was held in 2007, and the nation is yet to acquire a placement at the said pageant since its participation in 2005.

The pooled modern and traditional pageants of Indonesia consist of all the vital segments of international pageants. The national pageants held in Indonesia comprise many social and beauty activities for a month when all contestants are judged in diplomacy interview, evening gown, traditional costume round and talent competitions. From this, semifinalists are chosen, and they are announced during the live broadcast of the final competition. The top ten semifinalists then compete in interview season and evening gown, the top five finalists are chosen. These finalists then proceed to the interview season part two and traditional Indonesian women dress (kebaya) and last of the contest, the final question portion of the competition. The runners-up and winner are announced at the end. Every year, thirty four provinces hold a regional competition to choose their delegate for the Puteri Indonesia pageant. The motto of Puteri Indonesia is “Brain, Beauty and Behavior”. Observing the latest and serious pattern by the pageant, it is clear to say that Indonesia is working acutely towards attaining success in the world of pageantry.

Since 1992, there is no swimsuit portion at the competition, it may be one of the reasons why Indonesian beauties are not able to advance above the Top 15 semi-finals at Miss Universe. If the girls will be judged on the basis of swimsuit competition too, Indonesia might advance to higher levels very soon.

Gradually and steadily, Indonesia is becoming an Asian giant who is ready to wake up from sleep soon and give its fellow competitors a run for the money.

Vagisha Mishra

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