Why is Iris Mittenaere An Apt Choice for Miss World?

22 years old beauty, Iris Mittenaere was crowned as Miss France in a recently concluded beauty pageant, making a back to back win for Nord-Pas-de-Calais, succeeding Camille Cerf both as Miss France as well as Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais. While the organization is yet to confirm Iris’s participation at either Miss World or Miss Universe, Iris perfectly fits in the bill of a Miss World delegate.


Iris Mittenaere was only 3 years old when her parents decided to split their ways! Having seen the rupture of affectionate bonds, Iris is quite altruistic when it comes to contributing to a noble cause. She fights for the right of education of girls, access to health care and dental needs through her aid to many Non-Profitable Organizations. In addition, she is also engaged in several associations like Dent’icap and Welcome-Tongasoa, besides building bush schools alongside serving to an orphanage and a free clinic. Since, Miss World gives high heed to the charity projects, and works to broach a “Beauty with a Purpose” Iris would surely not go unheeded at the pageant.


At present, she is in her fifth year at the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the University of Lille II. After completing her reign as Miss France, Iris aspires to continue her education and become a surgeon dentist. Miss World organization has always loved medical students and doctors. Not far back, Rolene Strauss, who is a medical student in South Africa, was crowned as Miss World 2014.



Iris loves to practice horse riding, dance, theater and gymnastics, and her inventive persona would surely get into a spotlight if she enters Miss World. She could perform well at Talent Round and Sports Segment. In the national pageant, Iris scored the highest ranking (17.5 / 20) in the general knowledge test. She was also elected by 26% of the public votes beating her first runner up, Miss Martinique who grabbed 25% of the votes. With a shrewd mind and smart personality, Iris can also do exceptionally well at the Multimedia round.



She stands 172 cm tall, has mesmerizing brown hair with sparkling hazel eyes. Formerly, Iris has also won Miss Flanders 2015. Iris has a long time to get refined and genteel, if she works upon her “Beauty with a Purpose” project well along with her rampwalk skills needed for the Top Model round, she has the magnetism to excel like a sapphire. If she plays her cards well, she has the proficiency to follow Marine Lorphelin’s footsteps quite closely. This year, Miss World France, Hinarere Taputu was one of the Top 11 finalists at Miss World 2015.

If Iris is sent to Miss World, a placement for France at Miss World is almost definite. Denise Perrier is the only Miss World from France, crowned long back in 1953. It has been 62 years, since France won its second Miss World, do you think Iris can fulfil this dream?

Vagisha Mishra

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