Success Story of Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna

Mireia Lalaguna Royo this December became the first Spanish woman to claim the crown of Miss World. The unforeseen winner of the crown showed the essence of a dark horse in the competition, as when no one expected her to crack Top 5, Mireia pleasantly stunned the audiences by winning the desirable crown!

Winning Miss World crown is easier said than done! The “Beauties with a Purpose” have to toil in labor and dedication to prove their best of facets in sports, modeling, talent, charity and multimedia. While Mireia Lalaguna was wordlessly yet strappingly acing each and every segment, she was noticed quite keenly by the CEO of Miss World organization, Julia Morley along with her team members.

After landing in China, Mireia ensnared the organization with her charm as she elegantly swayed on the Spanish music as she auditioned for the Dances of the World segment. Mireia was shortlisted as one of the ten finalists who danced on the Dances of World segment on the coronation night. Mireia was also shortlisted as one of the Sports Segment finalists, along with securing her spot in Talent Round, Top Model Round, Beauty with a Purpose Round as well as Multimedia round.


23 years old beauty queen, Mireia Lalaguna Royo, is not new to pageantry! She has formerly won Miss Atlantico Internacional 2014 prior to her advent at Miss World. Having attained a degree in Pharmacology, Mireia plans on getting a master’s degree in Nutrition. Aside from having an intellectual presence of mind, this stunning woman is eminently celebrated as a model back home. No wonder, why she won the top model contest at Miss World! Mireia has an amazingly friendly personality and she loves to mingle with people wherever she goes. To delve in people’s knit, the lady also has made herself well versed in four languages as she speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French.


Mireia aims of setting up a business in nutrition and dietics to find alternative health solutions to orthodox medicines. Music and travelling are the pillars of her happiness. A skilled pianist she studied up to grade 8 in Musical Language, Harmony and Piano at the Conservatory of the Lyceum of Barcelona, and she has travelled extensively over Europe and the Far East. Prior to her win at Miss World, when Mireia was asked why did she chose the platform of Miss World over other pageants, she answered: “Miss World is more than a beauty contest. I want to be an ambassador for the complete woman and be able to show the world that beauty is more than an external aspect.”


Mireia worked towards her goal with utmost passion, dedication and resilience. Despite of such a low media buzz of Miss World in her nation, Mireia unwaveringly devoted her soul to contribute to the cause of “Beauty with a Purpose”. In the final question and answer round, the beauty queen who was soon going to be the next Miss World, added: “I believe in a strong winner, I think I have something inside my heart, that I can show the world!” While the girls at Miss World come rehearsed with their sham and pageant patty answers, Mireia’s answer was nothing extraordinary but straight from heart. The genuineness and commitment for the Miss World organization could be felt from her honest eyes and true expressions, and hence the organization left no occasion to hail Mireia as the queen of World!

A beautiful mind with a celestial face, Mireia is a wonderful Miss World. It will be certainly pleasing to see her reign as the days will unfold.

Vagisha Mishra

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