Story That Inspires: Success Story Of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

The Success Story of Pia Wurtzbach

Success does not come overnight! 42 years of uphill struggle, unstoppable toil and many occasions of breakdown! Philippines was trying to achieve a dream rigidly since a long time. It all started with Venus Raj’s remarkable feat at Miss Universe 2010 whereby she ended an elongated drought of non placement at Miss Universe lasting since ten years.  After Miriam Redito Quiambao brilliant finish as 1st Runner Up at Miss Universe 1999, Philippines went into a cursed drought for ten years which ended only as Venus Raj touched the Miss Universe Philippines crown.

Year passed by and in 2011 Philippines saw its yet another Top 5 placement at Miss Universe by Shamcey Supsup who ended as 3rdRunner Up at the same. In 2012, Janine Tugonon almost grabbed the Miss Universe crown as she settled as 1st Runner Up to Olivia Culpo of USA. In 2013, Philippines through Megan Young finally got its most elusive crown of Miss World also bagging the 3rdRunner Up title at Miss Universe through Ariella Arida and Miss International crown through Bea Rose Santiago. 2014 was yet again illustrious year for the Philippines as it claimed not just Miss Earth crown through Jamie Herrel, but also continued its placement streak at Miss Universe fifth time through Mary Jean Lastimosa who finished as a Top 10 finalist.

2015 was the king of years for the Philippines as the long awaited Miss Universe crown since 42 years was lastly going to end. Aces and Queens, the most renowned beauty pageant camp which rewarded the Philippines with glorious Top 5 placements at Miss Universe 2010-2013 and Miss World crown, once again gifted the nation with its third Miss Universe crown. Jonas Gaffud truly invested his heart, soul and mind to turn Philippines’ dream into reality! Apart from the Miss Universe crown, 2015 also gifted Philippines with first back to back victory at Miss Earth and third Miss Earth crown through the wonderful, Angelia Ong! The triumph was yet again established by Kagandahang Flores beauty pageant camp, which is renowned for instigating outstanding placements at Miss Earth and Miss International. 2015 yet again made Philippines the Best Performer of the Year as the pageant passionate country also attained a Top 10 placement both at Miss International and Miss World through Janciel Lubina and Hillarie Parungao!

Now coming to Queen P! The most loved queen from the Philippines! The lady truly deserves a comber of praises and applauses, as it took three years of hard work and determination to reach Pia Wurtzbach at the vantage point where she is standing today! Pia Wurtzbach was just another hopeful beauty queen when she decided to join Binibining Pilipinas 2013. After the vava-voom swimsuit and evening gown performances, she ended up as 1st Runner Up at the pageant. The lady did not give up her fortitude as she came back in Binibining Pilipinas 2014 where she could not advance to a greater level, thereby ending only as a Top 15 semi-finalist. To restore her glory, grace and esteem Pia returned in Binibining Pilipinas 2015 wherein despite of her out of shape body, she won the crown on the basis of her smashing rampwalk and luminous gaze!

Pia Wurtzbach soon after her crowning was not received well by her fellow nations, she was critiqued and bashed to death by her own supporters who believed Miss International Philippines, Janciel Lubina would have been a better choice for Miss Universe. Days and months passed by, and as the days for Miss Universe started approaching nearer and closer, Pia Wurtzbach came out of her radiant shell, proving the world her most magnificent transformation ever! Pia has now shed away all the extra weight and was looking extremely gorgeous and incredibly sexy! She looked flawlessly elegant in the official pictures for Miss Universe 2015.

On December 1st, when Pia Wurtzbach was given a send off party, she broke into tears as she recalled her struggles and backlashes! While bidding goodbye to her nation, Pia expressed: “I have been to so many send-offs already, but I never had my own. Lord knows how long it took me to get here. Finally, I have my own send-off. It feels like I won again. Now because it’s starting to sink in that I am actually going to Miss Universe. It’s like the moment when I first saw my picture in the Miss Universe website. It’s like I used to browse at the website and look at the girls, you know, pick my favorite. And now, I’m one of them as Miss Philippines. I can’t believe it. People are laughing at me and saying that trying hard daw ako. So my answer is, ‘Yeah, trying hard talaga ako.’ I try very hard – I try very hard because this is what I want.”


The beautiful queen of Universe, Pia Wurtzbach left to live her biggest dream of Miss Universe but the struggles did not end there! Pia as usual yet again faced another thorn in her way as she could not get her best fitted evening gown right before the Preliminary Competition.  The wardrobe mishap could not stop the queen from giving a terrific performance as she strode the stage with her long Swarovski-encrusted gown during the preliminary competition of the 64th Miss Universe pageant on December 16.

At the grand finale of Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach switched her dazzling red gown to the soothing blue gown, designed by a Filipino designer, Albert Andrada Luxewear. After giving a smashing performance at both swimsuit and evening gown rounds, and rocking the Top 5 question and answer segment along with winning highest amount of votes around the globe, Pia entered the Top 3 of the competition, where she revealed: “To be a Miss Universe is both an honor and responsibility. If I were to be Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I would raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country which is the Philippines. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart. Thank you.”

The crowd in the audience got crazy with happiness thinking Philippines will now win its long awaited crown! But the path to success was facing yet another dicey and curvy way, the host of the event, Steve Harvey announced Colombia as a winner and Ariadna was crowned as the new Miss Universe! It was only after couple of minutes that the host apologized saying its Philippines who have won the crown! Winning the lost battle put Pia in a state of bewilderment as she took her final walk and she was found weeping the tears of joy at back stage.

Next morning, after winning the crown, Pia Wurtzbach posted on her social media handle: “I used to sit and think in that exact same spot a few days before the competition wondering what it would be like to stay in that suite as Miss Universe .

It was not easy at all! But it also affirms that if one solemnly undertakes a resolution, nothing is impossible! Cheers Filipinas! Mabuhay!

Vagisha Mishra


16 thoughts on “Story That Inspires: Success Story Of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

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  4. Pia’s triumph did not sustain without being bashed and criticized by the supporters of Miss Colombia. Pia has been called “Fake Miss Universe” and Ariadna Gutierrez as the real winner of 2016. Even until now, she is called “Ugly” “Maid” and other hurtful names in her Facebook Page. Pia’s resilience bounced off all these bashers after all it’s her name that will go down the history of Miss Universe as the True and Deserving Winner in year 2015 and not anyone else.

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