Contemplating Over Miss Supranational

Pondering Over Miss Supranational

Miss Supranational in its seventh edition has managed to extend its vicinity all around the globe. The pageant is slowly and steadily making its mark amongst the pageant fanatics worldwide, and many pageant enthusiasts consider it as one of the major pageants. In these seven years, the organization has crowned three Europeans, two Asians and two Americans. But have you ever wondered what pattern does the organization follows to crown its winner? Let’s delve inside the mysterious trail.

Miss Supranational winners, over the years are not just the queens who are beautiful peripherally, but are those who can boldly boast of a substantial persona. These women have both their feet firmly placed on the ground, and are amazingly vivacious in person. The Miss Supranational winners we have witnessed till date are an inspiration to live the life to fullest, enjoying every twirls and turns with a healthy spirit. Moreover, these ladies are full of energy and have the spark to propagate the ideas of organization wherever they go. The Miss Supranational titleholders have immense talent and versatility to stand out as a substantial figure. Apart from that, the organization has always crowned charming and engaging women, one who is modelesque yet natural in her beauty and personality, one who meets people like her extended family.

In 2013, when Mutya Datul was crowned as the first Asian and first Filipino Miss Supranational, she lit the candles of hopes and elevation for the organization. Not only she took her reign to convey the best motives of Miss Supranational organization, but also helped people to develop an interest in the particular pageant. A former Filipina fashion model was now the queen of million hearts. During her reign as Miss Supranational 2013, Mutya travelled to China, Gabon, Panama, Poland and Myanmar for doing charity work and attending the Miss Supranational national pageants in some countries.


Thereafter, in 2014 when Asha Bhat was crowned as the first Indian Miss Supranational winner making it an Asian back to back, the audiences all across the globe went crazy with happiness. They hailed the very humble queen with warm hearted welcome and cordially praised the new queen as Miss Supranational. Asha Bhat was an exceptionally amicable beauty queen who had a very humble and congenial aura. She spread smiles on the faces wherever she went.


Asha Bhat was awarded as NCC-Cadet ambassador of India at SAARC in 2009. Asha is a skilled painter, singer and dancer, a true example of an all in one personality. She was also awarded with the title, “Akshaya Prathiba”, meaning infinitely talented. She also helped the Terry Fox Foundation to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and was conferred with the honorary title of “The Brand ambassador for the Platinum world group”. She joined the “Smile Torch” movement with Indian dental association in creating awareness regarding dental health. Currently she is supporting the NGO Go Green Stay Clean, she has been working with this NGO since her Miss Diva days. In June, she visited Myanmar to attend the coronation night of Miss Golden Land Myanmar 2015. In July, she went to the USA and visited the Universal Studios Florida, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Microsoft Redmond Campus, the Clearwater Beach and NASA. In August, she traveled to Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary to attend the finale of Miss Hajdú-Bihar 2015 (Miss Supranational Hungary 2015). After visiting Hungary, Asha traveled to China to be a special guest at the Miss China Landscape 2015. In October, she traveled to Mauritius to attend the finale of Miss Supranational Mauritius. In early November, 2015 she attended and did program Astra – To Educate, Empower and Evolve in India. During her activities as Miss Supranational 2014, she has traveled to China, Hungary, India, Mauritius, Myanmar, Poland, Thailand and USA.  She is truly an incredible queen.


This year Stephania Stegman was crowned as the first Paraguayan Miss Supranational. Not only is Stephania magnificently beautiful but also has the heart and humbleness to make people her comrades wherever she goes. This beauty has already appeared at innumerable magazine covers along with doing uncountable photoshoots with ace designers and photographers. The diva has also started few charity campaigns, and is certainly doing a brilliantly commendable job in her first month of reign.


A Miss Supranational titleholder is genuinely incredible, holding an authentic amount of substantial personality and hence, the pageant is growing grander and better with every passing edition. Who is your favorite Miss Supranational till date? Do not forget to share your opinions.

Vagisha Mishra

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