Final Predictions for Miss Universe 2015

This edition of Miss Universe has been one of the most exciting and nail biting one! And why would it not be, when there are so gorgeous and talented contestants giving a neck to neck fight to wear the coveted Miss Universe crown! The stage is set and the enthrallment enwraps not just the sin city, Las Vegas but each and every nooks and corners of the world, for it is THE most awaited pageant of the year, MISS UNIVERSE 2015!

It seems that unlike last year when the battle of crown was amongst the countries which were vying to bring the second crown home, this year’s battle is between the countries which are striving to win their third Miss Universe crown! If we believe that the country with two wins might take the third crown, the game is between Colombia, Australia, India, Thailand, Philippines and Brazil. With only few hours left before all the anticipations and speculations come to an end, I am here before you presenting my final verdict on Miss Universe 2015!

Opening the verdict with the possible Top 15 semi-finalists, on 16th place is Chile. Chile has won only one crown in 1987 and since then their quest for the Miss Universe crown is on! Maria Jerez was the pleasant surprise of the preliminary competition. The way she handled her Evening Gown and Swimsuit Segments, she is worth of an appreciation!

On 15th place is Great Britain. Nena France had a pretty decent performance at both swimsuit and evening gown rounds, with that conspicuous smile she is certainly making waves! One of the semi-finalists for sure!

On 14th place is Peru. Laura Spoya was talk of the pageant headlines prior to her arrival at Vegas. She was addressed as one to watch for! But as the voyage progressed, she seemed to be lost and overshadowed by many other contestants. Though she was spectacular in the Evening Gown segment, her swimsuit performance lacked a little energy! Right now I see her as one of the semi-finalist, if she works up on her energy during the coronation night she can definitely go a long way.

On 13th place is Paraguay. With that wonderful charisma and smashing rampwalk, she is bound to hit the semi-finals and who knows she might also slay her contenders and land in finals.

On 12th place is Panama. Panama has won only one Miss Universe crown till date and that too not way back, in 2002. Being a Latina, Gladys Amaya will certainly grab attention at Vegas, and with that decent swimsuit and evening gown performance, along with a sensational look, she will attain her spot as a semi-finalist.

On 11th place is France. Flora Coquerel is talk of many pageant experts and critics around the globe! Considering the recent trend of Donald Trump’s era, no former Miss World participant was able to win the Miss Universe pageant! The highest placement a former Miss World participant achieved was in Miss Universe 2013, with Patricia Rodrigez getting the title of 1st Runner up as Spain. Nonetheless, trends are formed to be changed some day, everything depends on her performance and decision of the judges. I believe, she might place after a decent performance, but I doubt her chances of going far in this race.

On 10th place is Australia. Monika Radulovic is a woman with saccharine demeanor and striking personality. Her smile is one to die for she will surely get in the semi-finals. She might continue the placement streak of Australia and is vying hard to bring home the third crown!

On 9th place is Venezuela. Mariana Jimenez is a strong woman with tranquil aura! After winning seven Miss Universe crowns, this Osmel Sousa’s beauty is on the way to make her nation proud. With that elegant Evening Gown performance despite of a mediocre styling, she has proved she is here to slay the competition.

On 8th place is Thailand. Aniporn Chalermburanawong rocked the evening gown and swimsuit segments of the preliminary competition proudly proving the buzz around her aura! It has been long time since Thailand won a Miss Universe crown, and Aniporn will definitely take the Thai aspirations soaring high!

Taking the 7th spot is Philippines. Pia Wurtzbach is an incredibly perseverant and consistent player! The darling of press, she has been giving wonderful performances one after another. A one to beat!

Dazzling at the 6th spot is Vietnam. Pham Huong is perhaps the best delegate the nation has sent to the pageant. With that outstanding performance in both swimsuit and evening gown in the Preliminary she has proved that the sash factor is not the sole criteria to shine! The nation has never won a Miss Universe crown and has placed only once, but this is the chance to claim their highest placement.

Entering the top five of the grandest pageant, is Dominican Republic. Clarissa Molina was the most pleasant surprise of the Preliminary Competition. What a spark, what energy, what a vogue! The lady perhaps had the best walk in both the segments and she is certainly locked in Top 5 for me!

At fourth spot is USA. Olivia Jordan is a lovely woman with charming smile. Having the advantage of home turf as well as a killer personality, she will stun the judging panel and audiences around the globe.

Sparkling at the third spot is India. Urvashi Rautela being a pageant veteran knows how to showcase her charisma on stage. Confident and remarkable stage presence, banging fan following and exquisite beauty makes her a top choice for the crown. Watch out for this beauty!

Taking the second place is Colombia. If not a back to back Ariadna Gutiérrez-Arévalo is certainly not going to settle less than a runner up spot. Explicit energy, outstanding stage presence and brilliant rampwalk skills makes her a worthy successor to the reigning Miss Universe, Paulina Vega! Colombia has left no stone unturned to try a back to back win!

Claiming the zenith is Brazil’s Marthina Brandt. Brazil won its last Miss Universe crown in 1968! That is a long wait for sure and Marthina is equipped to end it soon. She has a magnificent charm in her aura and her confidence on runway adds up to her stage presence. She is perhaps the wisest preference for Miss Universe with that toned body and breathtaking beauty!

Who do you think has the spark to be the ambassador of “Confidently Beautiful” crown? Who will be WME and IMG’s first Miss Universe? Do share your favorites in the comment section below!

Vagisha Mishra

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