Final Verdict on Miss World 2015

In less than 24 hours we will have our new Miss World! The world will witness Rolene Strauss’s successor at Sanya, China tomorrow! While this edition of Miss World was off beat and slow at pace, the contestants are on the contrary very exigent and sparkling. While the leaderboard of Top Model, Beauty with a Purpose and Multimedia is still a mystery, to evaluate the ladies without any foundation is a bit intricate. Nonetheless, I have tried my best to come up with my final verdict of Miss World 2015 after calculating all the segments held till date along with interviews and introduction videos. While last year was crystal clear like stream in terms of front runners, this year is an open game to all the contestants.

At tenth place is, Russia. Her sweet looks fits well in the prototype of Miss World. She has shown her remarkable mettle in Top Model Round by becoming one of the Top 30 finalists in the segment along with placing in the most important segment of the pageant, joining the league of Top 25 finalists in the Beauty with a Purpose round!

At ninth place is Lebanon. Valerie Chacra is doing her work brilliantly at Miss World. She has placed in Top Model Round, which is often considered a key segment of the pageant. Her inclusion in Beauty with a Purpose is still a mystery but she has created enough strong waves to get her spot locked as one of the finalist.

At eighth place is Philippines. Hillarie Parungao was crowned few weeks prior to Miss World kicked off. But the diva did not waste even her single moment. After arriving at Sanya, she proved her mettle by getting shortlisted in Top Model Round, Beauty with a Purpose Round and Multimedia Round. Having a jovial personality, she is bound to come in the finalists spot!

Taking the seventh spot is South Sudan. Ajaa Kiir Monchol is a lovely lady who shuns all the clichés. Being one of the tallest contestants, she will certainly ace the Top Model Round and might end up winning the segment. I still remember Atong Demach’s spectacular performance at Miss World 2012 in China, where she stunned the audience by her performance becoming Miss World Africa and bagging the titles of Best in Interview, Miss World Top Model and Top 20 at Miss World Beach Beauty. I see similar vibes in Ajaa and what a lovely coincidence, the pageant is again in China!

Grabbing the sixth place is South Africa. Liesl Laurie has a very voguish, eloquent and elegant persona that fits well in the archetype of Miss World. While the interview scores are still a mystery, I believe she will rock the interview segment. Being placed in Beauty with a Purpose segment, sports segment and Top Model Round besides performing at Dances of the World, she is surely in Julia Morley’s eyes since the beginning!

Gracing the fifth spot is Samoa. This witty lady cuffed her Prime Minister’s decree by joining the Miss World pageant. Contrary to her Prime Minister’s statement which expressed that she is just wasting her energy, Latafale Auva’a placed in all the segments, be it the Beauty with a Purpose segment or Top Model. She even came fifth in both Sports and Talent Round.  She left no stone unturned and even made her spot secure as on the performers at Dances of the World. Witty, humble and exquisite, she is indisputably going to go far!

Taking the fourth spot is Brazil. Catharina Nunes is one of the most loved delegates of this year, and why would she be not, for she has a gorgeous face and striking aura. Catharina placed in Beauty with a Purpose segment along with Top Model and Designer Dress Round. With that soothing persona and tranquil beauty, she will impress the judges absolutely!

Dazzling at the third spot is India. Aditi Arya has invested her heart and soul in the pageant. She has been working for her Beauty with a Purpose project since her crowning in March, which is not only innovative but also beneficial in long run. Chirpy aura, eloquent personality and humbleness to greet people always with a beaming smile make her a stand out in the crowd. She has been placed in Top Model Round, Multimedia Round and Beauty with a Purpose Round apart from being shortlisted as one of the Top 10 finalists for Best Designer Dress. She has made the waves, and its echo will be heard tomorrow evening!

Acquiring the second spot is Guyana. Lisa Punch has literally punched the world with her performance and has proved her mettle fair and square. A nightingale like melodious voice not only let her win the Talent Round but also the hearts of people across the world. Her remarkable Beauty with a Purpose Project of Suicide Prevention might also let her win the segment. She has been working for her project way before she planned to join Miss World and it has been two years now that she has released many musical singles to spread awareness about the prevention of suicides, since her country has highest suicide rate in the world. She is definitely not going to settle less than crown or runner up position.

Claiming the zenith, acquiring the top notch is Australia. Tess Alexander is the star of the show! There has been no segment where this diva has not placed. She has consistently made her presence felt in Top Model Round, Sports Segment, Talent Round, Multimedia Round as well as Beauty with a Purpose Round. Do you still need a reason why is she here? Julia Morley will definitely try to compensate Courtney Thorpe’s loss with Tess this year and looking at the circumstances it seems quite likely! Tess is thrillingly equipped to win the third Miss World crown for Australia after a really long time.

Vagisha Mishra

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