Top 5 Swimsuit Portraits at Miss Universe 2015

When we talk about Miss Universe pageant, swimsuit portraits are the most decisive feature in judging a delegate! The lady who confidently projects her body in the most elegant manner and has the spark in her eyes, stands out in this segment. I was excitingly waiting for the official swimsuit pictures to get released, hoping to see a great level of competition amidst 80 ladies! Yesterday the pictures were officially put forward amidst all the pageant enthusiasts, while some experimented with their postures and expressions, others were found picking a safe posture! I have come up with five ladies, whom I believe were quite fascinating in the swimsuit segment!

At fifth spot is Miss Universe India, Urvashi Rautela. Urvashi Rautela is filled with embers! The star quality that reflects in her eyes, expressions and gestures were evident even in the swimsuit shoot. Although one would have expected more from the beauty queen like Urvashi who exudes excellence in her every manifestation, Urvashi’s experiment with her pose gives her ten on ten. Her pose is not an easy one and she daringly took the challenge to step out of a comfort zone in trying a style, which others would be anxious to opt. Nonetheless, this does not let her oomph fade by, she screams out loud that she is the one for the crown!


At fourth position is Miss Universe Brazil, Marthina Brandt. Marthina is an epitome of vogue! What a style! What a confidence! Look at that beautiful face and well toned body and you will be mesmerized by the charm she embodies!  Marthina is a wonderful woman, full of prowess but I wish she would have experimented with her posture, she is very much capable of projecting much more.

brazil ss

At third place is Miss Universe Kosovo, Mirjeta Shala. Mirjeta is a living Barbie! Keep her at museum and you will be confused if she is a doll or a tangible lady! Those expressions, those eyes, that oomph shouts out loud it is Kosovo’s time to shine! Perfect hairdo, flawless make-up, Mirjeta’s shoot was a treat to eyes!


At second spot is Miss Universe Paraguay, Myriam Arevalos. Myriam had the most effortless shot, that strain less smile, fine poise and charming way of fondling her hair, Myriam’s beautiful body and beautiful shot besides the pool reflects her naturally sturdy demeanor.  Extremely confident in her projection, Myriam has astonished me with that awe-striking charisma!


Claiming the zenith in swimsuit segment is Miss Universe Vietnam, Huong Pham. Huong was lately indicted for giving quiet plain appearances at some events, but Huong has shunned all the accusations by her spectacular swimsuit shot! She has proved that she is worth the attention she is getting. The lady who seemed quite supple and saccharine has appeared in an entirely different avatar in the swimsuit shoot! She has asserted that she owns a bold, sexy and sensational side of personality too! Look at that pose, confidence and vogue, she is ready to rock the prelims.


Which swimsuit portrait was your favorite? Do share your choices and opinions with me! Meanwhile, let’s wait for the preliminary competition which will clear all the apprehensions and qualms.

Vagisha Mishra

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