Top 5 Fadil Berisha’s Glamshots at Miss Universe 2015

Fadil Berisha is a magnum opus when it comes to photography! From Miss USA to Miss Universe, he has done spellbound wonders! I was awe-struck when I came across the glamshots of Miss Universe 2015. Fadil once again reflected his unique imagination skill as he used the old Hollywood glamour theme to capture the “Confidently Beautiful” ladies. The beautiful delegates were given a hand clutch and set of cards as props. The shimmering backdrop of casino made them looked even more glamorous as they posed for Fadil’s glamshot! To pick five choices as the best glamshot was quite a Herculean task, but I have managed to come up with five ladies who were flawless in Fadil Berisha’s glamshot in my opinion.

To start with fifth position, Miss Universe Thailand, Aniporn Chalermburanawong is incredibly impressive in her shoot. Look at that face oozing confidence, vogue and sexiness.      A perfect styling and awe-striking gaze with the elegantly poised hands, Aniporn was a great and pleasant surprise!



At fourth spot is Miss Universe Venezuela, Mariana Jiminez. While other girls had the advantage of table, cards and coins as their props, Mariana’s shoot has been done before a shimmering wall as a backdrop. Despite of the disadvantages she faced in getting props in the shoot, she has managed to give a tough fight to delegates proffered the props. Her sexy gaze and immaculate poise says that Venezuela’s sash is strong for a genuine reason!



At third place is Miss Universe Australia, Monika Radulovic. Monika is a professional model, hence her confidence to stare the camera with those bold roving eyes does not come as a surprise. She elegantly sits over the table and looks straight in your heart, Monika’s beauty, poise and charm indicates the grandeur she upholds. Fantastic shoot!



At second place is Miss Universe India, Urvashi Rautela. Look at that celestial face and heart throbbing eyes! Urvashi is flawless in the shoot. The elegant hand gesture while pulling out the card with those curious yet conspicuous eyes, makes her beyond excellent in the shoot! No matter how much she is praised, it will still fall less. The posture, confidence and spark scream out loud that yes, this is it, what Miss Universe is looking for!



Claiming the zenith in Fadil Berisha’s shoot is Miss Universe Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arévalo. Now you must be thinking despite of being flawless why is Aridana leading! Well, while Urvashi got the advantage of props, Aridana’s complexity level was increased to some extent. The way she has held the air of oomph as she holds her hair and the clutch briskly, makes her very prominent model. Her eyes talk efficiently and she has burned the camera lenses on fire!



That was a close fight, and both Urvashi and Aridana are winners in different perspectives! Meanwhile, do not forget to share your opinions with me regarding the much anticipated Fadil Berisha glamshots!

Vagisha Mishra

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