Miss Supranational 2015 Final Predictions!

Finally the most thrilling day has arrived! Our very own Asha Bhat has completed the reign of Miss Supranational, and with all ecstasy and reminiscence will pass on her crown on another laudable head! With less than 72 hours left for the coronation night, I am here with my final prediction list, whom I think can clinch to the top notch, succeeding the quintessentially Indian beauty queen, Asha, India’s rewarded hope!

At tenth place is Canada! Siera Bearchell with her ocean like eyes, captivating smile and mesmerizing beauty has totally left me stunned. Her remarkable Evening Gown performance during the Preliminary competition truly justifies why she deserves to be acknowledged as the unbeatable delegate! With a strong social media support, she is emerging as an undeniable winner of people’s hearts.


At ninth place is Jamaica! With her divine stage presence, Regina Harding might prove another Kanci Fenell in making. Acing the preliminary swimsuit competition, she is surely a force to reckon with. A perfectly sculpted corporeal frame with ferocious stage presence makes her one to beat.


At eighth spot is Malaysia. If Malaysia wins this new grandslam crown, do not be surprised. She is an elegant silent killer who walks slowly and steadily like turtle but manages to triumph the race. Being shortlisted as one of the Top 10 contestant in the Preliminary Swimsuit Competition, Tanisha Demour has secured her place in the final night.



At seventh spot is Australia! Christiana Fischer is another stunner sent by her nation! Look at that angelic face, do you still need a reason why is she here? Having aced the scintillating swimsuit preliminary competition, she is certainly in the race for crown. With that immaculate fashion sense, who can stop her from going a long way!


At the sixth spot is Philippines. Rogelie Catacutan is an established pageant veteran. With that sweet and charming aura, she can repeat Mutya Datul’s victory in astounding way! Her indisputable aura of elegance is quite perceptible in the Preliminary Evening Gown Competition as well as the Top Model Round.


Acquiring the fifth spot is India. Aafreen Vaz, being a contestant of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, has started her modeling journey quite early. With eloquence she embodies, she can make many heads turn! The beauty seems to fade in the course of journey, but who knows, she might be saving it for the real deal. Watch out for this 5’11 towering candidate.


Attaining the fourth spot is Rwanda!  Sonia Gisa is an absolutely fine paradigm of oomph, sensation and vivaciousness. Look at those curves to die for with an unbeatable aura of buoyancy, she is surely giving her competitors a run for money. Having been shortlisted as one of the delegate at Top Model Round, Rwanda is an unconventional beauty whom I’ll love to see getting crowned.


At the third spot is Paraguay. Stephania Vasquez Stegman is one of my most favourite faces in the competition. That angelic smile with magnificent beauty, Stephania has left me spellbound since day one. After being shortlisted in both Top Model Round and Preliminary Swimsuit Competition, she is a certain crown contender in my opinion, if she plays her cards well on the finale night.


At second spot is Spain. Winning first runner up position in Miss Universe Spain pageant is not a diminutive thing!  Raquel Bonilla has clouded her fans in suspicion in the course of her journey with messy and slapdash dressing sense, but will certainly not let the finale night pass by without proving her worth. With that incredible rampwalk skills and expertise stage presence, she is saving her aura for the real deal.


At the first spot, claiming the crown, is Mexico! Her beauty is enough to get her the crown. Look at that vivacious smile and gorgeous demeanor. Karina Martín is consistently giving awe striking performance one after another! Being shortlisted in the Top Model Round, Karina is a complete heart ensnarer! She has what it takes to bring the second Miss Supranational crown to Americas.


Making close shots are Panama, USA, Guadeloupe and Indonesia! Who do you think will become the lucky seventh Miss Supranational? Do share with me! Keep the opinions coming!

Vagisha Mishra


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