India’s Evolution in Dances of the World at Miss World

In the year 2009, Miss World came up with one of the very thrilling, jovial and amusing event, Dances of the World, which showcased the myriads of color, charm and majesty a nation exhibits through the variety of dance forms. A celebration of “One world, One dream” Miss World’s Dances of World is unfathomable in sheer splendour!

The very first time India graced the Dances of the World stage, was in 2010, via Manasvi Mamgai. Manasvi glass cased India’s grace, culture and rich heritage wherein she swayed in poise and magnificence in “Devdas’s” track of “Kaahe ched ched mohe”. Manasvi through her dance, reflected India’s national bird, peacock’s grace, national flower, lotus’s tranquility, thereby putting India in the track of Dances of the World.



Time passed by, and 2012 saw Vanya Mishra as India at Miss World. Vanya brought back the craze for “Mujra” form in action when she beautifully danced in the hit track from “ Umrao Jaan”, “Dil Cheez Kya Hai”. Vanya was serene as a lake, showing the splendid facet of India which rests on effervescent elegance. The Lucknow culture of “tawaif” experienced a proud applause through Vanya’s performance at the Dances of the World.



Thereafter, last year, when Aishwarya Rai herself was present at the coronation night, Koyal Rana performed at Aishwarya’s starrer “Devdas” track, “Dola re Dola”. The song highlighted the very vigorous side of India, reflecting the splendor, magnificence and grandeur Indian festivals and heritage upholds! India has been living an incredibly dynamic lifestyle, and the intention to showcase India’s majesty could not have been enhanced than this track.

Britain Miss World


This year, Aditi Arya holds the name and fame of India at Miss World. The song she has chosen for the Dances of the World is still veiled, with only her pictures trending on the social media, I would say she looks extremely majestic and sparkling in her wonderful lehenga!


If India gets an entry to Miss World’s Dances of the World this year, India will set a new record of being the only and first country to have performed at the segment for maximum times in the pageant! Until then, I will express my warm hearted best wishes to the endearing queen, Aditi Arya! Go Aditi, the journey is ON! India has firm belief in you and your prowess!

Vagisha Mishra


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