Aafreen Vaz: A Ray of Hope for India’s New History!

As soon as a contestant leaves for an international pageant, she is no longer called by her name. But is addressed as India! Last year on 5th December, midnight, India had its first Miss Supranational titleholder, Asha Bhat. With her beautiful smile, charming personality and astounding intellect, Asha made a unique league for Indian beauty queens. In March 2015, for the very first time, India decided to send its first runner up to Miss Supranational pageant. The whole idea surrounds around the igniting prominence of the pageant in India.



Aafreen Vaz was chosen as India for Miss Supranational! With towering height of 5’11, modelesque features, remarkable eloquence and immaculate style statement, Aafreen was vouched as an unbeatable contestant in the race for Miss Supranational.


Since the inception of Miss Supranational in 2009, the organization has never crowned the winner back to back from the same nation. The grand finale of this grandly evolving fresh grandslam pageant is slated to be held on December 5th in Poland.  A back to back win from Asha Bhat to Aafreen Vaz becomes even more difficult considering the crown has remained in Asia for two consecutive years, and the third win of Asian seems unlikely.


However, pageant history has seen many miracles happening, and I won’t be surprised if Aafreen returns with the crown, keeping it in India for another year. Aafreen knows how to play her cards, and will definitely be a contestant to watch for!

Vagisha Mishra



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